Sunday, June 24, 2012

Dems Admit Obama’s Not Eligible

Arrrgh!  Grrrrrr! Grabnabbit!  After numerous court cases, almost in every state, it comes down to this.  Obama has never shown a valid birth certificate and most certainly cannot.  The cases get dismissed by the judges not because Obama does satisfactorily answer the charge, but rather, the excuse that the plaintiffs weren’t “injured” by the possibility of his ineligibility.  Arrrgh!  Grrrrrr! Grabnabbit!  This has happened so many times that now the democrats aren’t even fighting the charge anymore.  In fact they now say that it doesn’t matter what the Constitution says on the qualifications but rather that the people want Obama regardless.  Arrrgh!  Grrrrrr! Grabnabbit!  ...and the judges, who are supposed to be a check against such unconstitutional actions, blithely go along!  This is treason!

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Obama's Desperation

Florida Judge Terry Lewis has before him a case that centers on Obama's eligibility.  The Constitution requires that the president be a “natural born citizen”.  In today’s anything means whatever you want it to mean standards it seems quaint to worry about the strict definition of the natural born citizen conditional.  Shoot, Bill Clinton event tried to lend ambiguity to the definition of the word “is”.  Turns out that the Supreme Court has ruled on this specific question in Minor v. Happersett.  To be a citizen one may do that several ways.  To be a natural born citizen one must be born of two legal citizens.  Obama’s father was never a United States citizen.

Pray that Judge Lewis rules with honor and justice.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Waving A Stick At Gathering Wolves

Homo-sexuals allied in strength with the insane court judges are closing their vicious circle ever tighter around the Christian people. This case in New Mexico actually affirms a whacky “right” of a homo-sexual to demand a business owner to violate his Christian conscience in the course of his business.

We really need to wake up and get righteously mad. Being a Christian does not mean to always make nice and get along, no matter what. It means to live and defend the true teachings of Christ and if that requires us to run homo-sexuals out of our stores with knotted ropes, so be it.

No Discrimination Here...

This past Monday I went to the Henrico County Government Center to vote absentee for the Republican Primary scheduled for Tuesday June 12.  I was shocked (mildly) by the clerk's instant demand to see my ID.  Whaaa?!  Holder the phone here!  I even challenged the request by countering that the Attorney General of the United States has been emphatically noted to say that asking voters for ID is illicit.  She wasn't in the least impressed.  "Who?", she asked.  "Eric Holder", I said again.  "Well, you gotta have an ID." , was her unperturbed response.

Maybe I just misunderstood the AG's statement.  The no ID requirement only applies to Democrats.