Friday, February 24, 2012

Contraception Killed the United States

In the hard days ahead all Americans need to understand what has brought us to our failure as a country.  The United States had it all; geography, resources, energetic people and most importantly a political system that recognized and protected individual dignity.  What went wrong?  We went wrong when we bought into the lie that contraception pitches.  Contraception was supposed to make marriages stronger and raise our standard of living.  In truth we have realized the opposite as well as a host of attendant evils; broken families, shacking-up becoming routine, abandoned families, every woman subject to physical and emotional abuse, homo-sexuality promoted as a right, child abuse and pornography running rampant.  Coupled to that was a Christian diaspora which has left millions of people confused and without any knowledge of what Christ wants of them or what the Catholic Church teaches.  It is little wonder that this rot would spread into our political sphere and cause irreparable harm to our civil order.

The Catholic Church is our life boat through these times, as she has been for all times since Christ founded her.  To survive the coming trials do one thing now.  Become a true Catholic.  Find a Catholic Church where the Tridentine (Extra-ordinary) Rite is offered.  Do it now.  Learn the Faith now.  Soon, the political forces will shut down most of the churches and we will be on our own.

Friday, February 17, 2012

War is Upon Us!

The Catholic Bishop's Plight
I am a simple man.  As an average American, looking out upon our national landscape, I see many forebodings of trouble.  Not the kind of trouble that they talk about on the news such as “recessions” or “crime” or other such cyclical problems from which we always seem to “come out the other side”.  I see the ravages of over four decades of marxist – communist attacks upon our institutions of learning, governing, commerce and especially, our Church.  Like a naive homeowner, comfortable in my living room while termites were eating my house, I am suddenly and appallingly shocked by the damage done and the sufferings to come.

The attacks on the Catholic Church have had the most terrible effects.  Most of our Catholics and indeed, all of our citizens no longer have any fear of sin or even a modicum of a true perception of what is sinful.  A huge part of this blame lies with our poor Bishops, may God have pity on them.  However, we too are blameworthy.  We were taught to read.  We could read true teachings of Christ as well as the bishops.  Rather than sticking to the basics of living simply and truly, we cheered and encouraged our government to spend insane amounts of money on ourselves.  When they ran out of money, we wholeheartedly endorsed borrowing, again for our benefit.  We bought into the lies of contraception, abortion, co-habitation, homo-sexuality, euthanasia, etc.  We watched movies that should never have been created.  We idolized Hollywood stars and scooped up picture laden magazines which tantalized us with sordid details of their home lives.  We let our government violate the simple reading of the United States Constitution thus to morph into the monster it is today.

Now for the future: Expect a nasty time as our currency value implodes and everything we rely on for survival; Wal-Mart, Best Buy, grocery stores, etc. cease to function.  The Monster will seize everything left and will enforce it’s will upon us at the point of guns.

Side Note: Did you know that until the 1930s’ it was illegal for United States agents to use firearms in the course of their duties?  That was to prevent them from abusing their powers against our citizens and to keep the several states in control of the federal.  Sounds quaint now, doesn’t it?
We may expect calls from international “bodies” for peacekeeping forces to be deployed in our streets to quell violence.  At the least, we may certainly expect our way of life to change for the harder.  Ownership of property will be severely limited.  The ability to teach your families about Christ and Truth will be outlawed.  Make no mistake about this.  While they were distracting us with the pleasures of the flesh and infiltrating the national institutions, the REAL target was the Catholic Church.  She holds the Faith of Christ, and has done so for over two thousand years, and is the mortal enemy of evil.  If they can knock Her down, they capture tens of millions of souls.  The protestant denominations were easy.  They simply used the democratic process to co-operate with evil with every one of them going with contraception, and the rest of it, on first look.

Anyone who wishes to survive these times, that is, get to heaven and actually be with our good God in eternity needs to immediately do the following:
Become Catholic.  That is, become a real Catholic.  Learn the true Faith.  Confess all of your sins to a true priest in the confessional, all of them.  You know what they really are.  Stop sinning, all sinning.  One single sin by one person is a tragedy.  Our current level of sin tolerance is scandalous.  Expect this to be hard.  Your friends will call you crazy and will abandon you.  Rejoice, for they abandoned Christ long ago.  Do not expect to save your mortal life through the coming purge, but that is not important.  Saving your soul is the work here.  Remember that Jesus taught us of the lukewarm people whom He will vomit out of his mouth.  “Many will say Lord, Lord, but I will not know them.”  Let Christ know you, now, before it is too late.  The enemy is here, our gates are falling (we opened them in fact), the bodies are stacking up.  Time to fight for Christ!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Coming Soon! To A Neighborhood Near You!

Reading my previous postings here, will quickly reveal my dilemma in the wake of the Obama-care provision that our insurance carriers provide contraception, abortion and other evil services to any woman who requests such services, regardless of who she works for.  The conscience clause is a farce from the word "go".  If we pay the money in, it will be used for such services.  Period.  My dilemma centered on our proper response to this attack on the moral fiber of our country.  I made the point that if it is illicit for Catholic institutions to contribute funds to the insurance pool, then it is illicit for individual Catholics, of good character, to contribute as well.  I prayed and waited for God to tell me the right and wrong of this.  Today, I got my answer.

Today in church we heard the parable of the seeds being sown around the different grounds. (Luke 8:5)  The seeds are the Word of God.  Those of us who go to Mass, work our jobs responsibly and strive to do God’s will every day are either the seeds in the thorns or the seeds on good ground.  This health care assault is designed to capture an entire health industry.  This mandate forces us to fund evil practices that were simply “legal” before and will now be pushed, foisted and imposed upon our people.  We have moved from an unsettled co-existence with evil to working in evil's factory.   This is just the first step.  I predict that the next thing we will hear about these “services” is that every licensed hospital in the country, which has a single dollar of federal money, will be forced to actually do these abortions, doctor’s conscience be damned.  That’s right, an abortion center in every neighborhood!  Now is the time for good men to do something!  The cares of this world are the thorns that choke off our love of Jesus.  If we settle for this manifest evil without fighting back, we will smother our spirits with these thorns of Obama.  Jesus asked Peter three times if Peter loved Him.  Three times when Peter affirmed his love Jesus told him to feed his lambs. (John 21:15)  It is our turn to show our love for Jesus with action and faith.  We must drop our participation in health care insurance and demand the repeal of Obama-care entirely.  May God have mercy on our nation.