Tuesday, September 30, 2014

"Holy S***, I Survived!"

A Las Vegas woman was literally backed into a corner by an aggressive,  increasingly violent stalker.  The linked article tells how she dated Douglas Eugene Jackson for about a month and then experienced the worst six months of her life.

Reading the article shows the progression downward in options and solutions until we reach the bottom, shoot or die.  She attempted relocation.  She tried to disappear off the cyber world.  She got a restraining order.  She called the police, numerous times.  She appealed for help anywhere she could.  In the end, she was forced to shoot him, last Friday, as he was kicking in her apartment door.  She is alive today for one reason only - the gun she had in her hands, not 911, not the police, not the myriad of community counseling offices and especially not that stupid restraining order.  "A restraining order is just a piece of paper," was Jackson's contemptuous comment.  Even by his perverted logic, he was right about that.

Remember this "public service" advertisement produced by a gun control advocacy group?

This Las Vegas woman survived this exact horrific experience because, unlike the victim in the ad, she had a gun.

The Only Effective Thug Repellent Known To Man

Monday, September 29, 2014

Good News From New Jersey & Sad From Arkansas

On August 27, 2014 I wrote a post titled Southern Hospitality.  I mentioned the case of Shaneen Allen, the Pennsylvania lady who drove into New Jersey and volunteered to the police officer, who stopped her,  the fact that he had her licensed handgun (in Pennsilvania - not New Jersey) in the car. The Atlantic county prosecutor  initially pressed for the harshest penalty possible, prison time and permanent felony status.

 Shaneen Allen

This week, as a result of tremendous pressure from the Gun Owners of America he has backed off of that draconian position and will place her in a first offender catagory, a provision of New Jersey law which cuts considerable slack to innocent, inadvertent violations and does not leave a felony status.  This is great news for a young woman who was tripped up by our silly, arcane and numerous gun control laws which vary from state to state and are universally unconstitutional.


A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep a bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

This is the only valid law in the entire United States concerning gun ownership and carry.  Every other law which attempts to restrict either action is patently unconstitutional.  We must all start bombarding our representatives with demands that all of those restrictive laws be purged from our legal codes.

For those of us who feel that Shaneen Allen was at fault for having her handgun in New Jersey, because after all, she doesn't really need a gun in New Jersey, let us think and pray for Beverly Carter of Arkansas, who was abducted last Thursday.

(Beverly Carter's remains have been found.  09/30/14 - Requiescat In Pace)

Beverly Carter

Our women deserve peace of mind in normal times and a fighting chance in horrific ones.  These laws must go!  If you haven't joined the Gun Owners of America, you should.  Don't bother to join the National Rifle Association, they are worse than useless.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Sowing What We Reap

To be fair, our local law enforcement personnel work hard, face many dangers and do induce peace and order on the streets of America.  I myself am always respectful to an officer whether meeting him in informal or serious encounters.  That said,  I am increasingly concerned about the militarization of the police along with the the marked increase in aggression they are using on our people.  These are products of our endless and fruitless "war on drugs"  Prior to the 1970's serving a search warrant with a battering ram and stun grenades, in the middle of the night was unheard of.  Now, it is routine.

I also suspect that the training these officers are receiving are "cue" based; see the cue and act!  If they see a weapon, act!  It doesn't seem to matter what the other behavioral actions are, react on the cue.

Earlier this month Officer Sean Groubert approached Levar Edward Jones in Columbia, SC as Mr. Jones was exiting his car at a gas station.  If you watch the video you will see how extraordinarily touchy Officer Groubert was following what had to be hyper paranoia training.   Mr. Jones's reaching back into his car to retrieve his driver's license, as per Officer Groubert's instructions, caused the officer to assume that a weapon being drawn.  Before Mr. Jones has even completely turned around Officer Groubert is shooting.

Patty Konie was coping fine in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina.  She was in her home, on dry land with plenty of food and provisions.  The cops came through with an unconstitutional order to remove everyone.  They admitted that they had no actual legal basis to remove the citizens of New Orleans from their homes, but would use strong persuasion to get an agreement with "no" not being an option.  Patty was trying to demonstrate to these men her capability of survival when she showed them, passively, her handgun.  At the mere sight of the gun they attacked her.

York, SC Deputy Tarrance Knox shot and injured a slow moving 70 year old man whom he pulled over earlier this year.  The man's offense was to reach into the clearly visible bed of his pick-up truck and pull out a cane.  Deputy Knox feared that it was a shotgun.

Worst of all was the killing of John Crawford III in Dayton, OH, August 5, 2014.  The linked video shows Mr. Crawford walking and talking on his cell phone while shopping in a Wal-Mart.  Though he is carrying an air gun, which he selected from a Wal-Mart display, no one in the store seems concerned.  On the basis of a vague call to 911, the police stormed in and shot Mr. Crawford dead.

Patty Konie was tackled for simply showing the cue, even though she was calmly talking to the officers.  Mr. Jones was shot because he moved purposely.  Tarrance Knox and the Dayton cops shot simply because they saw the long thing in those men's hands.  See the cue and act has brought us unnecessary pain and death.  Our police forces must stop acting like an occupation army and start acting like members of our community.

Friday, September 26, 2014

Real Life

Piers Morgan once made the claim that gun proponents grossly exaggerate when they cite the self defense statistics.  He said that he has never seen one example of lawful self defense with a gun.  I cannot help his willful ignorance, but the reality is, citizens using guns to protect themselves and to frustrate criminals occurs everyday and our streets are much safer for that.

But, you do not need to to pay attention to what Mr. Morgan or I think.  Just go about your everyday activities.  If you never face an attack, you will be fine.  However, if the unthinkable crashes into your peaceful sphere, how will it play out for you?

This link tells the story of one Marathon gas station clerk defending himself from three armed thugs in Canton, OH last week.  The end result was two thugs dead, one missing and the injured clerk will live many more productive years.

Did you see it, Piers?

Capable Women Surviving In This Hard World

Dinah Burns of Lancaster, Ohio unexpectedly found herself confronted by two, count 'em, two young men intent on violent aggression with a baseball bat.  She walked away unharmed thanks to her handy thug repellent, a handgun.

Victoria Davidson of Milwaukee, Wisconsin was a victim of an aggressive car jacking.  Fearing for her life she pulled out her handy thug repellent and shot one of several attackers.  She is fine today.

Both of these women are alive and well because someone coached them in carrying and if in extreme need, using a handgun.  

Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Solution To Gun Violence In America

The solution to gun violence in America is more laws.  Not!  

I'll let Miss Carey Wedler handle this question.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Young Ladies And A Hard World

This past week our society witnessed the disappearance of another young woman, Hannah Graham.  She is a student at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville, Virginia.  She was walking late at night, with her cell phone in her hand, sending texts and has vanished.  I pray that she is safe but fear the worst.  Each and every time I get into a debate with a proponent of strict gun control I am given the argument that if one were to get into trouble all that is needed is to call 911.  This precious young lady had her phone in her hand and it was not used to call for help.

Hannah Graham

Her case is similar to Morgan Harrington's.  Most sadly, we know what happened to her.  She was abducted in Charlottesville last October.  She too had her cell phone and was using it the night she was taken.  Again, there were no calls for help.

Morgan Harrington

Dru Sjodin was a young woman working her way through school.  It was November, 2003 and she was walking to her car after leaving her retail job at a major shopping mall, at a reasonable time, before 9:00 PM, talking on her phone when she was abducted.  Her body was discovered in the spring.  Again, no call for help, even while talking to a friend.

Dru Sjodin

Chandra Levy was a young woman who was out of school and working in Washington, DC.  She was jogging in broad daylight in May, 2001, on a public trail when she disappeared.  I do not know if she had a phone on her.  We do know she was murdered however.

Chandra Levy

Tragically, there are many other cases like these.  I pray for these women and their families.  I wish they had been brought up with a stronger sense of survival.  Too many of our people simply expect our streets to be safe and fail to be cautious.  Having a phone is useful, but being with others is better.

You know my next point, of course, if you have read any of my other posts.  All of us should be practiced with a handgun and we should have them on us at all times.  When the shocking attack happens, your phone will be useless and your gun better be right there.  Do not put yourself at risk, which means accurately assessing your situation and always be ready for the worst.

There was one night when my car broke down in a strange, to me, town.  It was around 9:00 at night and I certainly had not planned on this.  As the drama unfolds I found myself alone in a junk yard, in the dark, waiting for the tow-truck driver to return and I didn't have a phone.  What I did have, because I always have it, was my .45 automatic.  It is hard to describe the peace that comes with that back-up when you are in a scary place.  We all, especially our women, deserve that peace of mind.  That is why I go crazy when people argue for severe gun restrictions.  In each of those four cases above I know the women had no guns and I suspect that the attackers didn't need them; in fact they counted on the fact that their victims were unarmed.  As for the police, they are just as frustrated in these disappearances as we are and can offer no better aid than we could.

Finally, here is a picture of a young woman who was shopping in Richmond, VA earlier this summer.  She is in a Martin's grocery store.  I expect that she will be just fine.

Hobby Lobby's Delusion (and Ours As Well)

This week the Government Accountability Office released a report identifying over one thousand health insurance policies, traded on state exchanges which were created by Obamacare, covering abortions.  The howl from some members of congress is both comical and pathetic.  "I am SHOCKED! SHOCKED! to find abortions being covered here!" Those of us who hated the idea of covering contraceptives knew that it was a certainty that abortion would be included since they are part and parcel of the same evil group.  The next alien to pop it's head out of the dead man's chest will be euthanasia.  So, the promises of the man who would be president are bold lies, once again.

The key objection is BSBHO's assurance that none of the money that the Federal Government uses to subsidize the individual's policy premiums, through those state exchanges, would be used for abortion coverage, is a lie.  Somehow, it is not an objection that the private citizen's money be used for abortions, just the government's.  That displays the extreme lack of moral fortitude on the part of our people.  We should be mad as hell to learn that abortion is covered by any policy for anybody!  You must now be perfectly aware that your premiums are covering abortion.  It doesn't matter if your personal policy doesn't cover this grave evil for you.  Your premiums go to the same "pot" and supports the insurance company which pays out for abortions.

This illustrates the delusion of the Hobby Lobby family, fighting their way to the Supreme Court so they could opt out of covering SOME of the contraceptives for their employees.  Give me a break!  Their carved out conscience clause doesn't protect them morally one whit.  Their monies still cover the whole lot as it flows into this evil, flawed health insurance system.

Jesus told us so many times to, "be not afraid".  He also taught us to fear the things which kill the soul, not the things which kill the body.  Health insurance is all about the body, which in spite of heroic expenditures and procedures, always loses in the end.  We must not let our fear of dying, which is inevitable, destroy our eternal souls.  We must all cancel our health policies, now, as we follow Christ and hope in a real life which is everlasting.

Monday, September 1, 2014

The Hungry Monster II

The Federal Reserve Bank is our central bank.  Their job is to manipulate the amount of money in the economy so as to maximize the good times and to minimize the bad times.  Their basic strategy is cruel due to the fact that they subscribe to the theory that maintaining an annual three percent inflation rate somehow keeps the good times rolling.  In fact, at that rate of inflation, every twenty years our savings have been devalued by about fifty percent.  The really scary part of that money supply manipulation strategy is the fact that no one is overseeing what they are doing, no one audits their accounts and no one knows how much money they have "printed" over the past ten years.  By using the quoted "printing" I am alluding to the twenty-first century fact that they no longer need to print actual pieces of paper with serial numbers on them; all they have to do to create more money is to enter a few strokes on their magic money making computer server and Presto! another troubled bank has a few million dollars to cover lousy loans and bad paper for another month.  Without this cheating system all of our banks would have failed years ago.  What they are running on now are these hidden bail-outs; as obligations come up that they cannot meet, the Fed slips them some computer cash and our citizens believe all is well in the system.  They can get away with this for a little while, but it will collapse one day.

Is there really a economic crash coming?  Well, I think so, but then again, I'm just a stupid redneck.  I offer this linked article, which is a speech given by the Vice Chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank this past August 11th to a conference of central bankers. It is from the Federal Reserve's web-site.  You can try to read it if you like, but you will find a bunch of blather and hiding behind vague statements which will be really boring and confusing.  They do that on purpose.  However, you will quickly get the sense that he is expecting a collapse rather than predicting good times are coming.  He talks about ways in which the central bankers around the world should batten down their hatches and attempt to ride out the coming economic storm.  In other words, they are getting ready for a crash.

"Additional steps have been taken in some countries. For example, in the United States, capital ratios and liquidity buffers at the largest banks are up considerably, and their reliance on short-term wholesale funding has declined considerably. Work on the use of the resolution mechanisms set out in the Dodd-Frank Act, based on the principle of a single point of entry--though less advanced than the work on capital and liquidity ratios--holds the promise of making it possible to resolve banks in difficulty at no direct cost to the taxpayer. As part of this approach, the United States is preparing a proposal to require systemically important banks to issue bail-inable long-term debt that will enable insolvent banks to recapitalize themselves in resolution without calling on government funding--this cushion is known as a "gone concern" buffer."

"Bail-inable long-term debt" means that the banks will close, take a required percentage of our deposits and issue us a mandatory (you gotta take it!) savings bond with a term so long that we will never see the day when we could cash back.  Thus they will "recapitalize themselves" with the only money left standing around, ours!  Thus they are able to save a "gone concern" (Quotes theirs) 

This "gone concern" strategy was tested in Cyprus, Greece last year.  The banks of Cyprus were closed, to prevent withdrawals, and re-opened after ten percent of the deposits were taken.  Our central bank is now forming such a process for us.  If I were you, I would ease down to the bank, calmly, and withdraw any savings you have, now.  Since they drove the interest down to nothing, what good are they anyway?

As for a cash crash, you want to have real, usable, assets.  Gold and silver coins would make a good default currency.  The paper money you take out of the bank would fall in value as fast as the jeopardized bank deposits would, however you will have them and they will still be good for past debts.  What makes me shake my head is the intention of the bankers to confiscate our money after they destroyed most of it's value.  Insanity!

Another remarkable shenanigan of our central bankers has been revealed.  They are playing the markets with our money.  Imagine a game of Monopoly with six players and a banker.  The banker has unlimited cash and has no personal risk.  Let's make a rule wherein an open property automatically goes to public auction when the first player lands on it.  Now, we will allow the banker to bid on the properties with the bank's unlimited cash supply.  How would you expect that game to go?  Have you wondered why the NY Stock Exchange has been doing so well in this lousy economy?  Have you wondered why the gold prices have stayed so low?  We can only imagine the market warping effects of the central banks "investing" in the markets, but we can be certain that we do not want our money in that rigged game.  Get out!  As for those 401k's, well get used to the idea that you will never see that money.

All of this illustrates the teachings of Christ to place our wealth in heaven where the thieves, rust and moths cannot take it away.  We have all been chasing dollars so long that we haven't noticed these thieves stealing it from us all along the way, even when we had it safely "in the bank."