Friday, September 26, 2014

Real Life

Piers Morgan once made the claim that gun proponents grossly exaggerate when they cite the self defense statistics.  He said that he has never seen one example of lawful self defense with a gun.  I cannot help his willful ignorance, but the reality is, citizens using guns to protect themselves and to frustrate criminals occurs everyday and our streets are much safer for that.

But, you do not need to to pay attention to what Mr. Morgan or I think.  Just go about your everyday activities.  If you never face an attack, you will be fine.  However, if the unthinkable crashes into your peaceful sphere, how will it play out for you?

This link tells the story of one Marathon gas station clerk defending himself from three armed thugs in Canton, OH last week.  The end result was two thugs dead, one missing and the injured clerk will live many more productive years.

Did you see it, Piers?

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