Saturday, August 20, 2016

The End of Our Times

The End of Our Times

In another year, as we look around at the wreckage we previously called the United States and the Western World, you may be tempted to ask, “What the hell happened?”  You won’t have to ask if you read this because I’ll paint it out for you.  Warning: I am going to tick-off most of you in the first few words, but bear with me; just hear it out, because in another year, this might make sense.

The age of the great building of the West spanned the times between the Acts of the Apostles and the Protestant Revolt.  Those times are called the Dark Ages because those who would have you ignore them labeled them such, so you would not learn of the many and manly battles the Catholic Church fought in bringing the Gospel of Christ to the entire world.  The Church put down many heresies and corrected errors, but mostly, she channeled the graces of God upon any people who obeyed and loved Him (more on this).  The Catholic principles were the impetus which was responsible for the building of the West.  The “Dark” Ages, fifteen centuries, were the times of the ascendancy of Christ.

The Protestant Revolt signaled to men that they did not need to be obedient to a higher authority in matters of faith and mores.  For the first time, the idea of each man reading the Scripture himself and deciding for himself right and wrong was allowed to spread unabated.  This led to men asking themselves, “If I am my own authority in the area of morality, then why should I submit to authority in the civil arena?”  This thought process is the genesis of the Free Masonic movement, a movement which brought us the Age of Masonic Revolution (My Title).

The major revolutions, of this period, were the American (1783), French (1789) and Mexico (1821).  There were others, but these will illustrate the movement.  These revolutions were all inspired by the Free Masons, an organization which has been condemned by the Catholic Church, for teaching heresy, especially in the areas of obedience and the authority of God over mankind.  The American Founding Fathers were certainly not fans of the Catholic Church.  When one reads their papers, one sees their citations of the rights granted by the “Creator” but no reciprocating obligations to Him.  The French Revolution was so hostile to the Catholic Church that they cut off the heads of priests and nuns who would not submit to the “republic”.  The revolutionists seized Notre Dame Cathedral, ripped out all of the Christian icons and renamed it the “Temple of Knowledge”.  In the Vendee, the French army exterminated the Catholic men, women and children by the thousands, per specific orders from the new government.  In Mexico, a strong and fine civil order with peace and first-class universities and social institutions, ordered along Catholic foundations, was destroyed and eradicated.  Mexico’s history between the Apparition of Our Lady of Guadalupe (1531) and the revolution was burned and is another “dark age.”  With each rebellion, the influence of the Church waned and the Christian beliefs strayed farther afield.

In 1917, the Virgin Mary made a series of remarkable appearances to three children in Fatima, Portugal.  While she stressed to the children, and us, the peoples of the world, the absolute need for Christian obedience and the grave consequences of sin, she also foretold these times.  She said the “errors of Russia” would spread around the world and many souls would be lost.  She exhorted the pope to consecrate Russia to Her Immaculate Heart, so as to prevent this calamity.

The pope didn’t do it.  In 1917 came the most devastating revolution of all, the Bolshevik Revolution of Russia.  Lenin took the baton from Karl Marx, who had weaponized the Free Masonic ideas from the French example and created Communism.  Following the establishment of the U.S.S.R., that government created an agency which had the job of spreading lies throughout the world, lies about anything and everything.  They sent agents into every country and lied about institutions, time honored traditions, national heroes.  Mostly, they lied about morality and things such as honor, duty and self-sacrifice.  This is the birth time of Feminism and the Sexual Liberation.  This agency was the antithesis of the Catholic Church and her efforts to teach the world the Truth.  The fruits of this agitation were violent Communist revolutions in China, Spain (failed), Mexico (again), Korea, Cuba, Vietnam and dozens of other places in Africa and Central & South America.  This was the Cold War.

The Catholic Church was high on the list of targets set for Communist attack.  Though we day-to-day people have a short attention span, the Communists played the long game.  With the Church, they first planted operatives in the seminaries, to be ordained as priests.  These priests grew into monsignors and over time, into bishops and even cardinals.  With these Communist insiders agitating within the Magisterium they were able to effect the single most damaging victory for the cause of evil against the Church and the world.  In a one-two punch, they spun the Second Vatican Council (1965) to convince the Catholic people that the Church “changed” and that one did not have to work so diligently to save his soul.  The second punch was much more damaging, the promulgation of the Novus Ordo Mass (1969).

The Catholic Church is the most misunderstood institution on the planet.  That’s to be expected, since the father of lies hates her.  When Jesus Christ established His Church He gave the Great Commission, “Go and teach the whole world My commandments, baptizing them and know that I am with you, even to the consummation of the world.”  The Catholic Church has three sections: the Church Triumphant (the members who are in Heaven), the Church Suffering (the members who are in Purgatory – not Heaven, but getting there) and the Church Militant (the members on earth, all baptized Christians – fighting the good fight).  At the summit of this structure is the Holy Trinity – God Almighty.  The pope is not the head of the Church, he is merely the steward of the Church Militant, the part we see on earth.

The main channel of God’s good graces into this world is faithful Catholics attending a properly offered Mass.  The Mass is the highest form of worship of God and the source of a literal communion (physical connection) with Him.  It is the earthly assembling of the faithful so as to kneel at the foot of God’s throne to:  First – Worship God, for His Glory is all there really is.  Secondly – to offer thankfulness for His many gifts and graces.  Thirdly – to show Him true contrition for our sins and selfishness. And fourthly – to petition Him for our continuing needs and protection.  While we do that, the members of the Church Triumphant and the Church Suffering are also there, in the same attitude, as are all the angels in creation.  That is a gathering you do not want to miss for anything!  Finally, the most sublime mystery of all, Jesus, the second Person of the Holy Trinity joins His flesh and blood with ours in the Sacrament of the Eucharist (Greek: Thanksgiving).

Now, back to the Communist and the Novus Ordo Mass.  The Novus Ordo Mass was a sudden and obvious change in the rubrics of the Mass.  You recall the four purposes of the Mass.  The Novus Ordo plays down those four purposes and plays up the participation of the people for the people; thus this form of the Mass destroys the people’s faith.  It reflects the Masonic philosophy and the devastation is nearly complete.  Polls and surveys show that the vast majority of the Catholics do not believe in the Mass as described above.  Catholics now divorce, re-marry, use contraception, abort, co-habitate and support sodomy as much as any other group.  Just as bad, the population of Catholics who still attend Mass faithfully, in relation to the 1960 records, is off 80%.  BOOM! 

What took fifteen hundred years to build only took about five hundred to tear down.  As near universal respect for God has eroded into near universal contempt, it is no surprise that corruption has ruined our governance and institutions of commerce and those of the higher order.  It is no surprise that the basic unit of society, the family, is so fractured with the resulting increases in crime and evil actions of unspeakable horror.  It is no surprise that God has withdrawn His graces.  As you look out around our social landscape today, understand the problem – lack of Faith, of Adoration, of Thankfulness, of Contrition and of Petition, but also know this, the gates of hell will NOT prevail against the Catholic Church, the Church every baptized Christian belongs to, whether they believe it or not.  In spite of deep infiltration and sinister attacks by evil men, she will not fail, for the other parts will support this earthly part and God is always in control.  Some glorious time, the Church Militant and the Church Suffering will be folded into the Church Triumphant and as one voice and one heart she will sing “Hosanna in the Highest!”  The social order in the West will be shambles, but fear not “that which can kill the body, but rather, fear that which can kill the soul.”

So, that’s it.  Chaos explained.  Return to the Church, do the four essential things, save your soul and lead your families.  This is our hope and this is our calling.  Deo Gratias!