Monday, July 28, 2014


W0X0F is an old National Weather Service symbol which indicated the weather at the airport was down to "zero, zero".  It went into disuse in the mid 1990's when the United States adopted the weather format in use by the European Union.

W stood for "Indefinite Ceiling"
0  stood for the feet in height of the ceiling
X stood for "Obscured"
0 stood for the miles of horizontal visibility
F stood for "Fog"

A more typical string would have been 50OVC10R which reads "Five thousand overcast with ten miles in rain"

My son came up with the idea of a cartoon strip called W0X0F.

This was inspired by my telling him of hitting a bug while descending into Chicago.  The bug hit right in the center of my windshield while we were coming down through 11,800 feet.  It is still a mystery to me, the thought of a bug flying at 11,800 feet.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Big Deal!

In the follow up to the Hobby Lobby versus Obama-Care Mandate Supreme Court decision I learned that the Hobby Lobby family, the upstanding devout "Christians" who battled evil all the way to the Supreme Court in defense of their convictions, were only contesting four of the twenty prescribed forms of contraception.  Whaaa!?  That's it!? They are comfortable with sixteen other methods of contraception but have scruples over four?  Wow.  That illustrates so well how far we have fallen.  Contraception is almost completely accepted in our culture as normal and necessary.  That cannot bode well for our country's future.

I will state this truth again.  Contraception, in any form, for any reason, by anybody, is, has been and will always be a grave evil which will only bring ruin to anyone who practices it.

I have known great peace since our family dropped any and all of our health coverage.  We dropped our employer plan one month prior to the contraception mandate activation.  We will not enter another plan until this monster is dead.  If we get sick, we will rely on Divine Provenance to show us His way.  When we die, we die in loving obedience to our good Lord.

Guns Save Lives

This is a good video for the illustration of how useless calling 911 is compared to having a good firearm in your hands.  Notice how aggressively these thugs break in as to how timidly they run.  Even when one of them summoned courage to try and re-enter the house the lady changed his mind instantly, with another shot.

This is a one sided victory for the good guys with three strong, aggressive punks being overwhelmed by one lady with a reliable gun.

The news reporter stated the most beneficial fact of the entire saga.  Her legal and justified resistance proved to be the undoing of three punks who were habitually threatening the whole community.

Also notice how quickly it goes down and back up with the gun as compared to the previous gun-less, video I posted (When Time Stands Still).

This is how a free society works.  Good people protect themselves and others from criminals.  The police are there to help, but they cannot replace free citizens.  Remember, the first responder to a crime is always the victim.  If he is armed, that is usually the end of it.

Friday, July 4, 2014

When Time Stands Still

In this robbery attempt there are no guns.  The two robbers are wielding hand tools and the store owner responds with a baseball bat.

My main point for posting this video lies in the fact that while it took only nine minutes for a police officer to arrive, that time seems like forever when you have a dangerous man in the room.  Just sitting through the video is tedious.  "Remember, when seconds count, the police are only minutes away."

A secondary point is while the owner was able to defend his store with a baseball bat versus hand tools, a shotgun works better, especially when the bad guys bring hand guns. 

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Change Of Attitude

I never get tired of watching the sudden and complete change of attitude of bad guys when the good guys even the odds by pulling out their own guns in response to a threat.

They always go from arrogant to fearful.  They drop right through "determined" without even stopping to consider an even contest.

It looks like the second guy was there as the comic relief.  Watch him answer his cell phone right when the heist is "goin' down".  What did he say?  "Can I call ya' back, we're holding some dude up right now."  If that wasn't enough, the display case jump-bounce was entertaining.

It was a shotgun that convinced them to try another way to get their spending money.