Friday, July 25, 2014

Guns Save Lives

This is a good video for the illustration of how useless calling 911 is compared to having a good firearm in your hands.  Notice how aggressively these thugs break in as to how timidly they run.  Even when one of them summoned courage to try and re-enter the house the lady changed his mind instantly, with another shot.

This is a one sided victory for the good guys with three strong, aggressive punks being overwhelmed by one lady with a reliable gun.

The news reporter stated the most beneficial fact of the entire saga.  Her legal and justified resistance proved to be the undoing of three punks who were habitually threatening the whole community.

Also notice how quickly it goes down and back up with the gun as compared to the previous gun-less, video I posted (When Time Stands Still).

This is how a free society works.  Good people protect themselves and others from criminals.  The police are there to help, but they cannot replace free citizens.  Remember, the first responder to a crime is always the victim.  If he is armed, that is usually the end of it.

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