Friday, July 25, 2014

Big Deal!

In the follow up to the Hobby Lobby versus Obama-Care Mandate Supreme Court decision I learned that the Hobby Lobby family, the upstanding devout "Christians" who battled evil all the way to the Supreme Court in defense of their convictions, were only contesting four of the twenty prescribed forms of contraception.  Whaaa!?  That's it!? They are comfortable with sixteen other methods of contraception but have scruples over four?  Wow.  That illustrates so well how far we have fallen.  Contraception is almost completely accepted in our culture as normal and necessary.  That cannot bode well for our country's future.

I will state this truth again.  Contraception, in any form, for any reason, by anybody, is, has been and will always be a grave evil which will only bring ruin to anyone who practices it.

I have known great peace since our family dropped any and all of our health coverage.  We dropped our employer plan one month prior to the contraception mandate activation.  We will not enter another plan until this monster is dead.  If we get sick, we will rely on Divine Provenance to show us His way.  When we die, we die in loving obedience to our good Lord.

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