Saturday, November 29, 2014

Armed Citizens Stories

Both of the following YouTube clips illustrate how suddenly your day can go from routine to terrifying.  We never know when we will place ourselves into a trap laid by a criminal.  Both of these men were in their cars when trouble hit.  We all tend to perceive our cars as safe havens.  Criminals sometimes perceive our cars as loot.  Both of these men had their thug repellents handy and that changes everything for the bad guy.  They both are alive and well today for that one simple act of preparation.   

This last YouTube segment was posted by a veteran police officer who explains clearly why we need to arm ourselves.  To summarize what he is saying; the police cannot, in spite of their best intentions, protect us all.  They usually arrive just after the fateful moment, good or bad.  Warning: His video starts with an actual audio recording of a woman on the phone with 911.  It is chilling.  The woman's voice goes from calmly telling the dispatcher, who has officers on the way, about men breaking into  her home to screams.  She was dead by the time those en-route officers arrive.

His video ends with another 911 audio clip, it too is chilling.  The results, however, are very different.

God bless America and thank you founding fathers for the 2nd Amendment!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Moral Consequences Of Debt

Imagine a man who borrows far more than he could ever repay and has no intention to try.  He is living high and well on money he didn't earn and cares not about the future beyond his passing.  After all, once he dies, that crushing debt isn't his problem.  Calling his actions irresponsible is understating the fact.  It is a crime against those from whom he borrowed or those descendants who now are held responsible.  It is a manifest lie on his soul, the promise he made when he borrowed to pay the monies back with due interest.  It is simply theft.  The saddest consequence of his selfish actions will hit him after he dies.  Our God knows in fine detail all of our actions and motivations while alive on earth.  His justice will be complete and exacting.  This poor soul will carry this debt to the grave and he will repay every penny, with interest, much to his gravest sorrow.  Knowing this, the responsible man will borrow only that which he seriously needs, truly pledges to pay back and has the actual ability to do so.

The United States debt is about to hit eighteen trillion dollars.  That is already far more than we can ever repay as a country as things are now.  Click the debt clock link and watch those numbers roll!  That debt equates to over $153,000.00 per tax payer!  Understand this, when the federal government borrowed that money they did it by co-signing the loan with our collective names.  If you are a tax payer, you really do, personally, owe those bond holders the 153 thousand dollars; yes, you.  This is the gravest of responsibilities.  This should bring out three reactions from us all right now.

Firstly, and I am serious about this, do not take any unearned money from the federal government, for any reason, not social security, not welfare, not health subsidies, not anything.  The overwhelmingly main drivers of that debt are the entitlement programs.  Before you make the claim that the money you have been paying into social security and medi-care is yours and you simply want it back, understand this brutal fact, it is gone.  If your paid monies were still there, there wouldn't be a debt.  If you demand that money "back", it will have to come from your children and their children through more taxes and even more borrowing.  We must stand up as responsible, courageous adult men and women and face the world squarely and stop asking for handouts.  If life is hard, so be it.  God will give the hard worker, the honest laborer well deserved and indescribable rest and peace in the next life.  To the lazy and dependent, He will exact a price for riding the backs of the producers.

Secondly, we must demand that congress shut down those entitlement programs now.  They must not write another solitary check.  We must make good on those bonds and the only way we will be able to do that is to divert all those entitlement funds into payback.  If we don't then two things will happen.  Our currency will fail and those entitlements will do us no good with worthless money.  Upon that failure, the people we owe will demand payment through inflation, which is much more work on our part for far less return.  In other words, they will take it out of our hides and they will claim our land.  One way or the other, we will pay it back.  We will be reduced to servitude.

Thirdly, we must not support politicians who seek our votes with these empty promises.  If we vote for this, we will pay for it.  There is no free lunch.  Congress cannot produce goods and services.  They can only produce ever more depreciating fiat money.  If we receive any good from the government it is because they took those goods from someone else, by force.  When we sit around and ask for aid, someone else suffers.  There must be a profound awakening among our people.  We must hold congress accountable for this debt as they have held us accountable for it.  They must hear the resounding, "STOP THIS BULLSHIT AND PAY IT BACK, NOW!" from us.

I believe it is already too late.  I believe that soon, our money will fail and we will be suffering for our collective foolishness.  I believe that the United States will cease to be a world force.  I believe that foreign military forces will soon claim authority over our peoples.  I believe we will soon be held to account on this world and certainly in the next for every cent we took unjustly.  I pray to our good God for mercy and I pledge with my sacred honor that I will not take a single red penny from my fellow citizens through that money whore we call the federal government, not ever! May God grant me courage and support, for I do this for love of Him and you, my fellow citizens.  William C. Howe

DUI Checkpoints

I have strongly negative and visceral feelings about the possibility of police setting up DUI checkpoints.  Theses are checkpoints wherein each car is stopped, and the police interview the drivers while searching for evidence of intoxication.  I totally agree that driving an automobile while under any adverse influence of drugs or alcohol is extremely dangerous and that the manifest loss of life and limb is tragic.  I have no problem with police pulling over a car which gives them probable cause by erratic or conspicuous maneuvers.  My angst lies in the idea that the police are able to screen people as they go their way looking for miscreants.  We all know that miscreants are there.  We all know that in the cars, houses and businesses of our everyday world there are law breakers who have illicit drugs, driving impaired, or have other evidence of crimes on their persons or property.  Do we really want to be screened as a matter of routine in the quest for an ideally peaceful and safe society?  Under the slippery slope theory it would next move to the police being able to search your car for evidence of criminal activity, other than DUI, and from there to searching homes and persons in a systematized manner.

So, here we are.  The legality of the DUI checkpoints have been tested in the courts and are here to stay.  What are your court affirmed rights?  Firstly, you do not have to go through the checkpoint.  The police are required to give you ample notice of the checkpoint through posted signs.  These signs should be posted far enough in advance to allow you the option of turning around and going in another direction.  You must, of course do this while complying with all the other traffic laws.  Should you elect to enter the checkpoint, you must co-operate with the police in their stated mission of discerning your acceptable sobriety.  They may ascertain that you are in compliance with traffic laws such as having your driver's license, insurance, registration and inspections.  If you are sober, there should be no problem.  You do still have the right to refuse a search of your car.  The best method is to adopt a mature, respectful attitude.

If you are actually impaired, well then, I hope you are caught.  And while I'm on the subject, we need to develop an universal intolerance to using our cell phone gadgets while we are driving as well.  I have friends who are working police officers and I have asked them if cell phone induced accidents are a problem.  They all, without hesitation, agreed that it is so.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Young Ladies and a Hard World II

On September 9th of this year I posted an article detailing the sad stories of several women who were snatched off of the street, never to be seen alive again.  This last Sunday night, in Philadelphia, it happened again.  Please pray for Ms. Carlesha Freeland-Gaither.  This YouTube video shows how overpowering such an attack can be.  Although Ms. Freeland-Gaither struggled valiantly and called loudly for help, she was unable to escape her attacker.

Imagine how differently this would have played out if after being thrown into the backseat of the car she was able to pull our her handgun and put a bullet in the brains of this maniac.

Dear Father in heaven.  Hold and protect this young girl.  By thy power bring her home unharmed.  Amen.

11/6/2014  She is found!

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Jury Nullification II

This link provides rebuttals to eight Jury Nullification objections.  These objections to Jury Nullification are based in the fear that the people cannot be trusted to get things right.  I stand in the opposite camp, that the government cannot be trusted to get things right.

 Whatever your opinion, it is an educational read.