Saturday, November 29, 2014

Armed Citizens Stories

Both of the following YouTube clips illustrate how suddenly your day can go from routine to terrifying.  We never know when we will place ourselves into a trap laid by a criminal.  Both of these men were in their cars when trouble hit.  We all tend to perceive our cars as safe havens.  Criminals sometimes perceive our cars as loot.  Both of these men had their thug repellents handy and that changes everything for the bad guy.  They both are alive and well today for that one simple act of preparation.   

This last YouTube segment was posted by a veteran police officer who explains clearly why we need to arm ourselves.  To summarize what he is saying; the police cannot, in spite of their best intentions, protect us all.  They usually arrive just after the fateful moment, good or bad.  Warning: His video starts with an actual audio recording of a woman on the phone with 911.  It is chilling.  The woman's voice goes from calmly telling the dispatcher, who has officers on the way, about men breaking into  her home to screams.  She was dead by the time those en-route officers arrive.

His video ends with another 911 audio clip, it too is chilling.  The results, however, are very different.

God bless America and thank you founding fathers for the 2nd Amendment!

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