Monday, December 1, 2014

...Minding My Own Business When...

I pray for the day when everyone in this remarkable country starts working in harmony and for the good of each other.  Imagine what that would be like.  There would be civility in our streets, families staying together and giving their children love and encouragement as they grow into adulthood.  Best of all there would not be the searing pain of losing loved ones to death by murder.  Please Lord, let it stop.

In the meantime, we must be ready to defend ourselves and the innocent around us.  In the meantime we must face reality and understand that there are people among us who have no respect for life and certainly no wish for order.  In the meantime we, the citizens who care, must stand strong.  In the meantime we must be armed.

Zemir Begic was senselessly attacked and killed in St. Louis last Sunday morning while driving his car.  He was unarmed.  May our good God grant him peace and ease the suffering of his wife and family.  May the young boys who committed this crime come to grips with the horror and beg God for forgiveness.

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