Monday, March 14, 2016

Everything Wrong With Our Society In One Tragic Story

My last post (January 12, 2016) is titled: Everything Wrong With Gun Control In One Tragic Story.  At that time, the narrative indicated two innocent victims were terrorized by young neighborhood hoodlums.  That whole story turned out to be lies.  In the ensuing investigation, an even more bizarre and disgusting set of facts emerged.

To paint it with large brushstrokes, the father is not innocent and was sexually abusing his daughter, in a public park, and the kids who witnessed the depravity offered to join in, rather than expressing contempt for public lewdness.

Sigh...what to say...

Folks, the sexual revolution was not progress.  De-synthesizing our collective sense of decency and shattering our moral standards has not freed anyone from anything.  It has only led to civil decay and heartache.  It starts with lies and moves through broken promises, the extinction of honor and destroys families.  Families are the cellular structure for society and civil order, thus we now have violent and lawless streets.  This leads to military style police forces and we suddenly live in a police state.  This is freedom?!

If one were to argue for the official "first shot fired" in the sexual revolution, which has led to the current state of depravity, I would point to the Lambeth Conference of 1930. (See: Contracepting  Society and Life 09-09-2013) That conference cracked open Pandora's Box by legitimizing contraception in very limited marital cases.  Unfortunately, the leaders of the Anglican Church learned that cracking open the box is to OPEN the box.  Public acceptance of contraception went viral.  Which led to a yearning market for a "pill".  Failure of contraception led to clamoring for legal abortion.  Sexual license led to no-fault divorce and pre-marital sexual acceptance.  Then came sodomy.  How low can we go?  Well...we get to fathers raping their daughters, in public, and young boys offering to help him.  Sick.

We need to turn back and march against the currents.  Do not accept any of these compromises in your family.  Guard the innocence of your children.  Do not tolerate unchaste behavior and be vigilant against pornography.  Marry once and make it permanent and do not contracept - ever!

We may not reconstruct our society in our lifetimes, but we will earn the soothing words of our Lord; "Well done, good and faithful servant.", for one day we will be called to account for our deeds.  Let them be pure.