Friday, September 19, 2014

Hobby Lobby's Delusion (and Ours As Well)

This week the Government Accountability Office released a report identifying over one thousand health insurance policies, traded on state exchanges which were created by Obamacare, covering abortions.  The howl from some members of congress is both comical and pathetic.  "I am SHOCKED! SHOCKED! to find abortions being covered here!" Those of us who hated the idea of covering contraceptives knew that it was a certainty that abortion would be included since they are part and parcel of the same evil group.  The next alien to pop it's head out of the dead man's chest will be euthanasia.  So, the promises of the man who would be president are bold lies, once again.

The key objection is BSBHO's assurance that none of the money that the Federal Government uses to subsidize the individual's policy premiums, through those state exchanges, would be used for abortion coverage, is a lie.  Somehow, it is not an objection that the private citizen's money be used for abortions, just the government's.  That displays the extreme lack of moral fortitude on the part of our people.  We should be mad as hell to learn that abortion is covered by any policy for anybody!  You must now be perfectly aware that your premiums are covering abortion.  It doesn't matter if your personal policy doesn't cover this grave evil for you.  Your premiums go to the same "pot" and supports the insurance company which pays out for abortions.

This illustrates the delusion of the Hobby Lobby family, fighting their way to the Supreme Court so they could opt out of covering SOME of the contraceptives for their employees.  Give me a break!  Their carved out conscience clause doesn't protect them morally one whit.  Their monies still cover the whole lot as it flows into this evil, flawed health insurance system.

Jesus told us so many times to, "be not afraid".  He also taught us to fear the things which kill the soul, not the things which kill the body.  Health insurance is all about the body, which in spite of heroic expenditures and procedures, always loses in the end.  We must not let our fear of dying, which is inevitable, destroy our eternal souls.  We must all cancel our health policies, now, as we follow Christ and hope in a real life which is everlasting.

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