Thursday, February 9, 2012

The American Catholic Bishops vs. Obama-care

The American Catholic Bishops have backed themselves and us into a grave corner when they tried to preserve for themselves a “conscience clause” as they tacitly endorsed Obama-care.

The problem works out like this.  The bishops expected a conscience clause in Obama-care which would exempt them from providing "women's reproductive services" to their employees through their insurance carrier.  They argue that it is a grave violation of their religious beliefs (Those last four things again!).  I smile at their attempt to distance themselves from responsibility here due to their deals with the devil (Democrats) over the past forty years wherein they gave lip service to pro-life while pandering to the Democrats for "social justice" legislation.  This was to shift the burden of caring for the poor and sick to the public thus allowing them to keep more of their money for their programs.  "We can't put these thirty pieces of silver back into the collection.  They are unclean."  Do they really believe in the conscience clause?  Really?  Will their money not go into the same giant money pot and fund these WRS of women working for other employers?

So, if A=B then B=A.  The huge problem they raised last week when they appealed to their flock for pressure to be applied on their behalf for the conscience clause is this:  If it is wrong for them to contribute to the pot, then it is wrong for us, their flock, to contribute to the pot (co-pay).  If it is not wrong for us to contribute to the pot, then it is not wrong for them to contribute to the pot.  So, which is it?  This is a question of grave import.

Jesus taught us to fear the things which harm the spirit, not the body.  Health-care is ALL about the body.  Indeed, in our time it has become the great idol of "wellness".  People get jobs now more for a health package than for money with which to care for their families.  This idea of universal health-care is why the prices have sky rocketed and the thought of not having coverage is unthinkable.  If contributing is a grave wrong, then it won't matter how good our health-care is, we will eventually die and will be held to account.

Finally, when has a deal with the government ever been honored by the other side?  Obama-care is designed to hijack the entire industry and to add another strap of bondage to our people.  After we all sign-in (gotta do it - family is held hostage) they will write another law.  I cannot predict what the law will say because I cannot think as diabolically as they do, but you can bet the farm (and we will) that they will simply shut the corral we all walked into and we are trapped, without health coverage!

However, if we all, right now, opted out, the whole scheme would fail, instantly.  I admit; that ain't gonna happen.  But I'm getting Patrick Henry mad and doing nothing is making me crazy.

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