Friday, February 24, 2012

Contraception Killed the United States

In the hard days ahead all Americans need to understand what has brought us to our failure as a country.  The United States had it all; geography, resources, energetic people and most importantly a political system that recognized and protected individual dignity.  What went wrong?  We went wrong when we bought into the lie that contraception pitches.  Contraception was supposed to make marriages stronger and raise our standard of living.  In truth we have realized the opposite as well as a host of attendant evils; broken families, shacking-up becoming routine, abandoned families, every woman subject to physical and emotional abuse, homo-sexuality promoted as a right, child abuse and pornography running rampant.  Coupled to that was a Christian diaspora which has left millions of people confused and without any knowledge of what Christ wants of them or what the Catholic Church teaches.  It is little wonder that this rot would spread into our political sphere and cause irreparable harm to our civil order.

The Catholic Church is our life boat through these times, as she has been for all times since Christ founded her.  To survive the coming trials do one thing now.  Become a true Catholic.  Find a Catholic Church where the Tridentine (Extra-ordinary) Rite is offered.  Do it now.  Learn the Faith now.  Soon, the political forces will shut down most of the churches and we will be on our own.

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