Saturday, March 10, 2012

Welcome to the USSA

The obama-care mandate officially terminates the United States of America.  Henceforth we are the United Socialist States of America.  To say that the mandate is a game changer is to grossly understate the fact.  Our people are now shackled to engine of the state, to labor for evil agendas, Christian consciences be dammed.  It is no longer “We the people”, but we the laboring class.  There are now many questions of how a sincere Christian is to conduct his affairs so as to navigate these treacherous mine laden waters, to do the will of God, to reach heaven in the end, to hear the soothing words, “Well done good and faithful servant...”

One question that needs the right answer immediately concerns the contraception mandate.  Before o-c we were in an unsettled co-existence with the twin evils of contraception and abortion.  As long as we did not use these things we were relatively clear.  The mandate now requires us to directly provide these evil services as a product of our daily labors.  Our employee health plans must cover the costs of contraception free of charge to any woman who wishes to have it.  Our co-payments and participation in these health plans provide the funds for this heinous program.  If we withdraw from our employee health program then we will be fined by the I.R.S. an amount to cover our “share”.  Either way, simply going to work to support our families becomes a moral choice of grave import.

The most horrible manifestation of this forced co-operation with evil lies in the end consumer.  Before o-c any woman who wished to have contraception had to make a cost-benefit decision.  The drugs cost a significant amount of money.  Is the life style worth what it will cost?  Regrettably, too many said “yes” to this question, but the financial disincentive was there.  The mandate removes that disincentive.  Now it is truly a no brainer for these women.  It will be seen as foolish not to take advantage of a benefit that is yours to have.  Worse, we can expect the school systems to begin pushing this to our girls as young as eleven to twelve years old.  There is no reason not to, it’s paid for!  Contraception use will go viral, along with STDs and receptivity to our Lord’s teachings will drop like a rock.  In short, we will provide the monetary motivation for the most severe apostasy our poor country will ever know.  This is why we cannot hide our heads and pretend nothing has changed.

What are we to do?  I appeal to my friends for sound advice.  My first thought was to withdraw from my employee health program.  I still think I’ll have to do this but I am concerned that this will not be nearly enough.  What is the legal way to not pay federal taxes?  Be poor.  There is an income level below which no taxes are due.  Will that escape the mandate fine?  I don’t know.  Does anyone?  If I withdraw from voluntary participation in my employee health plan and suffer the fine will the “rendering unto Caesar” teaching protect me?  I understand that the mandate will be effective on and after August 1, 2012.  I know in my heart that by then I will have to do something.  To quietly go along is making me sick.

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