Friday, February 10, 2012

Obama Retreats! Bishops Win! NOT!

Today President Obama made a brief statement which seemed to give respect to the demands of our Catholic bishops and other religious leaders concerning the conscience exemption to Obama-care.  In nearly one breath he promised to respect the religious institutions' requirement that they not directly provide “women’s reproductive services” to their employees through their health insurance carriers, while at the same time reassuring the country that all women would have free access to these services through their insurance plans, regardless of who they work for.
Give me a break!  If the insurance carriers are forced to offer WRS to any woman who wants them then anyone who pays premiums is providing them.  This won’t get our bishops off the hook.  It won’t get the rest of us off the hook either.  We will not be able to stay enrolled with our employer plans as long as they provide these services to anyone.
A true conscience exemption would designate a particular insurance company who does not cover WRS for any of their groups.  I don’t expect such an exemption to happen.

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