Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Georgia Judge Dodges the Truth

Georgia eligibility decision commentary

Here is an excellent, albeit long, commentary on the Georgia judge's decision concerning Obama's status as a "natural born citizen".  In short, the judge cheated and caved to political expediency rather than the rule of law.

"So as we can see, our U.S. Supreme Court has given the exact “natural born Citizen” clause only one definition and that is a child born in the country to citizen parents. See Minor v. Happersett (1875); U.S. v. Wong Kim Ark (1898). This means that only a child born in the United States to two parents who are either Article II “natural born Citizens” or Fourteenth Amendment or statutory “born or naturalized . . . citizens of the United States” is an Article II “natural born Citizen.” This is the consensus opinion of a “natural born Citizen” as provided by our U.S. Supreme Court and Congress since the beginning of our nation. Consequently, a “Citizen of the United States” is any citizen so made by Act of Congress, treaty, or other positive law such as the Fourteenth Amendment. Indeed, while a Fourteenth Amendment “born . . . citizen of the United States” may be born with dual and divided allegiance to the United States, an Article II “natural born Citizen” is born only within the sole, full, complete, and undivided legal, political, and military allegiance and jurisdiction of and sole citizenship in the United States."

As this excellent article states, it is imperative that the "natural born" standard be maintained so as to insure the office holder's natural affinity and loyalty to our nation and our people.  World wide apology tour anyone?

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