Monday, July 2, 2012

The Catholic Fire Escape

In the weird logic of government bureaucrats, in their attempts to create health benefits from thin air I have been given a moral solution, an escape.  My problem lies squarely on the contraception mandate.  That is, I and every other Catholic cannot co-pay into a system that universally provides contraception to whoever would have it.  It turns out that these fools have created a hole in their line which we can all run through while doing a good work towards destroying this evil system.

We simply drop our health care.  I know, I know, the risk of getting a financially debilitating illness is why we carry this expensive item.  Our beloved government took care of that, the exalted wise ones.  They made the pre-existing condition restriction illegal.  If you get sick in the future, they have to sign you up at your request, and cannot charge you more than your healthy rate.  Really!  But what about the penalty…(ooops!...sorry Mr. Roberts)…I mean, tax that we must pay for not having health coverage?  It appears that the rate of “tax” on noncompliance is actually less than the health premiums.  Win! Win!  Messrs. Obama and Roberts are truly our friends!

Seriously fellow Catholics, these are the conditions.  I am now dropping my coverage.  When they come after me later with the penalty that would be involuntary on my part, thus will not be a sin.  It is true that this program is unsustainable.  The cost will skyrocket as everyone figures this out and our health industry will be destroyed and no one will have any coverage for anything.  Yes, they will squirm and adjust so as to bleed whatever money they can from us as the economic realities bite.  So again, there is nothing to lose.  Our duty lies in sitting on this thing with our collective body weight to help it fail as quickly as possible.

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