Monday, October 22, 2012

The Socialist Insanity Continues

French President Hollande is at it again.  It is unfair to some children for schools to assign homework.  Which children would that be?  The ones who cannot do it, given time constraints or family conditions.  This gives the students who are able, an unfair advantage.  We all know that the great rally cry of socialism is "Vive la Fairness!"  In mathematics, we call this lowering everyone down to the lowest common denominator.  Just like our airports; if one person strives to be a terrorist, then we are all judged to be potential terrorists.

Mr. Hollande is proposing a national law banning homework.  I didn't wait around long enough to see if it would be a criminal offense for any student to take home school books and actually cram for the big test tomorrow.

"By their fruits you shall know them." our Lord told us.  What an exquisite judgement standard.  The methods of socialism are stagnation, restriction, destruction.  Their fruits are abortion, contraception, divorce, barren homo-sexuality and now, the dumbing down of the few children who slip through that firewall of human termination.

Socialism creates a spiritual wasteland as well as a physical one.

 France of Tomorrow

Return to Christ!  Return to His Holy Church!  Return to true happiness!

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