Tuesday, December 25, 2012

What Is Life All About?

"The whole of human history is a tapestry woven by men and women, each making their individual way to heaven or hell."

The above quote, if considered thoughtfully, clears up so much confusion.  Why are there wars?  Why do children die?  Why do evil people flourish and become wealthy while simple, hard working people never seem to get a break?  Why is our country in so much financial trouble?  Why doesn't God hear our prayers and help us?

God always hears our prayers and always helps those who truly turn to him with faith and love.  Maybe that is why we suffer so.  How many of us truly believe in Him?  How many of us would gladly die now, today, in yearning to be with Him?  How many of us would give away everything we have for love of Him?  How many of us realize that heaven is EVERYTHING and this world is nothing.

Consider our world in the imaginary condition of having only ten people on it.  These are five men and five women who are five married couples who live in a community.  They care for each other.  They each work hard, not for personal gain, but for the gladness of heart that comes in serving God and fellow man.  They do not fight and they do not covet each other's possessions.  They raise their children to love God and one another.  If a child dies, they take comfort in God's infinite care and protection of a child that was always His from the beginning.  Where are the wars, the courts, the jails, the crimes, the despair?  There are none.  These things happen because we humans bring them on ourselves.

Stop coveting other men's possessions and successes; for you cannot know the true state of their souls.  Many people we hold up as examples of the happiest the world can produce, have souls which in the next life will occupy a place of suffering so terrible, you would never dream of trading places with them; not here and certainly, not there!

God watches everything, rights every wrong, soothes every ache and brings the good into His bosom.  We should not concern ourselves about the things of this world over which we have no control, but rather, should do the two things God does expect us to do:  Love and honor Him with our whole soul, mind, heart and body, and love our neighbor, even the annoying ones, as ourselves.

Trust Him; follow Him; obey Him and then you will find true peace.  Remember, in the end, it is heaven that we seek, not the riches of this world.  The past we cannot effect and the future will not care for us beyond the tales we leave.  The present is our test of fidelity, our pathway to our end destination.

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