Saturday, November 2, 2013

Those "Safe" "Gun free" Zones

Those safe gun free zones are neither safe or gun free.  Does this symbol give you the warm and

fuzzies?  Do you feel safe when inside posted gun free zones?  If so, why?  Why would anyone feel safer surrendering their ability to defend themselves based on the naive idea that the lunatic will respect the gun free zone?  The idea was originally designed to protect school children and we have seen the tragic results of that.

Following a couple of bad school shootings the security was beefed up by spending a lot more money, installing metal detectors and hiring "security guards" to operate them.  Feel better now?  Now we have seen massive shooting tragedies on military bases and even at a major airport.  The LAX shooter simply walked up to the million dollar security portal, pulled out his rifle, shot a Transportation Security Agency guard and walked through the metal detector.  Dutifully, the metal detector beeped as he walked through.  Then the dying really started.

I was once ranting with a friend of mine about the ridiculous waste of money and the commensurate loss of liberty that the TSA was forcing upon our airline passengers.  Knowing that I am a pilot for a regional airline, he thought he had a trump card when he asked me if I would mind it if my passengers were armed.  He was shocked when I stated emphatically, "Of course not!"  There is nothing different about being defenseless on an airplane or in a retail shop.  If someone tries to kill you, you will want a gun.  The 911 disaster would never have happened if it was known around the world that those gun crazy Americans allow passengers to carry firearms.  Terrorist and crazy people look for the easy prey.  They look for the places where they will have the upper hand for that brief, victim-rich time before law enforcement can react.  That is why there are so many victims at these shootings.

Our country needs to get rid of all of these gun free zones, even at the airports, and allow our responsible citizens to defend themselves and those around them.  Short of that, I would recommend  that we stay away from gun free zones as much as possible.

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