Sunday, March 16, 2014

Our Young People Are Getting Smarter

Carey Wedler is a young woman with a lot of good sense.  I have watched several of her videos and I truly understand her frustration with our current system of government.  Her assessment is correct in that we are now prisoners in our own country.

This video tells her story as she realizes that the current two party system is a scam and that voting for Obama was an exercise in futility, for anyone seeking liberty and justice.  Her disillusionment over rejecting the party of Bush in favor of the party of Obama is justified.  I have a very similar story.  In my story the villain was president Clinton.  In my day of excitement, in 2000, we scored the perfect trifecta, we gave the republicans the presidency, the house and the senate.  We completely rejected the Clinton philosophy.  Then I sat back and waited for good results.  I expected those republicans to put their actions where their mouths were.  I waited in vain for pro-life legislation, reduction of taxes, reduction of federal spending, the reduction of economy killing bureaucratic regulations, the increase in liberty and citizen dignity, the reduction of restrictions on the personal right to keep and BEAR arms.  In short, I waited in vain for the manifestation of lies.

Rather, we got the Patriot Act, the initial funding of the NSA spy apparatus, interminable wars, more debt, more spending, more regulations, more entitlements.  We got more of the same.

Like Ms. Wedler, I am fed up.  I ponder the rightness of stopping my payment of taxes.  I wonder how much longer the world will lend us the money to live like the spoiled brat in the international community.  I wonder what will happen when these psychopaths in all levels of our government drive us into destitution.

I am hearing a lot of enthusiastic speculation on the possibilities of republican majorities in both houses of congress following this upcoming November election.  I hate to throw cold water on the party, but we have tried that before. 

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