Monday, April 28, 2014

A Scary and True Bedtime Story With A Happy Ending

In a quiet neighborhood in Cape Girardeau, Missouri there lives a nice woman in her nice house.  She has friends who live nearby and is liked by everyone.  She is 57 years old and likes to live quietly.  One night in October of this year (10/25/2008) a bad man named Ronny Preyer was looking for someone to hurt.  With eleven felony arrests and five convictions to his credit he was used to hurting people and knew how.

He picked out the woman’s house and snuck up to it.  He found a basement window that was loose and crawled into the basement.  He snuck upstairs and came through the door into the kitchen.  Quickly he was able to find the nice lady and he beat her badly (Rape).  He left her bleeding and bruised.  She called the police as soon as she was able to move again.  

The police were helpful but did not know where the bad man went or who he was.  The nice lady had friends and neighbors help her to fix the basement window.  One nice neighbor lent her a 12 gauge shotgun and taught her how to shoot it.  The police promised to pass by her house more often.  Everyone hoped that the bad man wouldn't come back.

However, five days later, on Halloween, the bad man did come back (10/31/2008).  This time he cut off the electricity to her house at a very early morning hour. (2:15)  He broke the same basement window and got in again!  This time though, the door to the kitchen was locked.  He had to bang on it really hard to open it.  The door broke open on the second hard bang.

The lady was in the kitchen facing the door with her shotgun in her hands.  As soon as the door opened and Ronny Preyer was standing there framed by the doorway, she shot him in the chest with a night shattering BOOM!  The bad man fell down the stairs and the nice lady ran out of the front door carrying the shotgun.  She ran to her neighbor’s house and they called the police.  The police found the bad man stumbling through the lady’s backyard.  He died seven hours later.

The government of Cape Girardeau said that the nice lady did the right thing and that they were proud of her.  The bad man has not hurt anyone else ever after.

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