Friday, May 9, 2014

The Mass Jobsite Shooting That Didn't Happen Last Week In Austin

I have asked the question several times as I argue against gun control, "How can you prove a negative?"  In other words, as men like Piers Morgan count the dead and injured following these mass shootings, how do we count the people who were NOT killed, or traumatized by the presence of guns in our peoples hands?  The basic standoff between sides on this eternal debate lies in the ease of people obtaining firearms and carrying them around in the public arena.  In Mr. Morgan's mind, it is better to restrict that ability.  I would counter that the seriously deranged person, the criminal person would not allow such laws to restrain him any more than the other more basic laws against assault and murder have.  However, the honest person, the law abiding peaceful person who automatically obeys those laws proscribing murder and assault is now forced to neuter his self-defense capability out of the same desire to act in harmony with society.  Thus as these laws create "Gun Free Zones" full of harmless victims, we must now count the dead.

Now let's look at a shooting that happened in a "Gun Zone", a construction site in Austin, Texas.  On April 30, 2014 a disgruntled worker returned to the construction site from which he had been fired.  He was told by the supervisor that they had no more business and he was to leave and stay away.  That worker pulled a gun and shot the supervisor.  Let's pause with the story here and consider the two possible scenarios which could happen now.  Either the gunman kills the supervisor and then continues to shoot the other people there until he hears the sirens, in which he then kills himself; this is the typical mass shooting story or, the supervisor shoots back and no one else is hurt.  In this case, thankfully, it was the second scenario which played out.  Now, back to my question; "How do we prove a negative?"  How many of those construction workers did that deranged shooter not kill?  Let's just say, all of them.

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