Monday, June 30, 2014

We Are Not Off The Hook

There is some pro-life celebration today over the perceived "victory" in the Supreme Court case concerning the conscience exemption Hobby Lobby claimed they had which prevents them from paying for insurance coverage of contraception and other "women's services" for their employees.

   In a bizarre opinion, the judges basically agreed that Hobby Lobby was exempt but almost nobody else is.  This flies in the face of the "equal protection under the law" tenet.  Also, it is a farce.  Let us assume that Hobby Lobby is able to design a health insurance program through their carrier which specifically does not provide contraception or abortion for their women employees.  Do they really believe that their money will not support such evils at the other companies that the carrier covers?  Do they really believe that the federal government will not craft a backdoor avenue for their employees to get these "services" through taxes?

Furthermore, the rest of us are still trapped in this evil.  We must all drop our health insurance now!  We must all kill the beast with non-participation.  Our monies will continue to flow into this human atrocity as long as we pay premiums.  Our Lord will ask us on the last day if we loved Him.  How will our actions answer that question?

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