Monday, January 26, 2015

Futility Defined!

The Supreme Court of the United States has agreed to hear a case on the constitutionality of gay marriages.   This linked article foresees the strong likelihood of a ruling from them which would uniformly require every state to legally recognize and allow gay marriage.  This ruling is expected in late June of 2015.

For the Supreme Court to attempt to decide such an issue, to assume to themselves such authority is analogous to hearing a school yard bully declaring himself to be "king of the world!"  He can certainly make that claim and may be able to enforce it within the confines of the school yard, however, once he ranges farther afield he will run into severe realities as to who truly holds lawful authority.  In the case of lawful marriage it is the Church, as directed by Jesus, who defines marriage, and there is not one whit the Supreme Court, any part of the Federal Government, the state governments, or anyone else can do about it.  The only thing that governments can lawfully do on this issue is write and enforce laws that are in harmony with the Church's directives on marriage.  The laws must recognize that a Church sanctioned marriage is between one man and one woman for life.  End of argument.  In fact, it is mute when our state courts grant bills of divorce.  They actually have no authority to make a marriage go away.  All a civil divorce accomplishes is to direct how property is to be separated and/or how custody of minor children will be managed and other such issues for two separated, yet still married, spouses.  Those spouses cannot licitly marry anyone else, not as long as they both live.

Assuming that the judges rule in favor of the gay argument, we can certainly expect every state legislature to cave to the ruling and amend their laws as such.  Such an outcome would make my paragraph above appear erroneous.  However, each word would remain absolutely true.  You must remember, the United States and her territories is the Supreme Court's "school yard."  They can make it stick here, temporarily, but time and death will reveal the Truth.  What is essential is you cannot let their pronouncement scandalize you.  You must not believe it!  In spite of their apparent authority, they are WRONG!;  DEAD WRONG! and to believe them is to let them lead you to perdition.  They were wrong when they declared divorces, they were wrong when they declared abortion and they were wrong when they supported contraception payouts.  These nine misguided fools are truly the blind leading the blind and all are falling into the pit.

I have written before in this blog on the true hierarchy of authority; briefly, here it is again.  God is the source of all authority.  Jesus was given that total authority after His resurrection.  He passed some of that authority to His Church.  The authority He gave to His Church was to baptize and teach "all nations" of His commandments.  He gave them the authority to bind and loose sins as each penitent warranted based on his contrition and submission to Christ's authority.  The reason for all of this is to help us, through the essential saving grace of God, to attain heaven.  The Church passes through to the people some of her authority in recognition of each human's God given dignity.  Thus, we are free to live as we would, without interference from the Church, as long as we do not violate any of Christ's commandments.  This allows us to form governments.  No one can assume any authority which has not been passed to them from above, nor can anyone pass through authority they themselves do not have.  This is why divorce is illicit.   State governments were formed by people, who had not the ability to divorce, thus could not give such authority to the state when they formed it.  The several states formed the Federal Government and certainly had not this authority to rule on marriages to pass through to it.

Regardless of how the court rules in this case, follow Christ.  Live as He would have you live.  It is truly the only way to attain permanent happiness.

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