Saturday, April 25, 2015

A Woman's Choice

Kimberly Richardson, 25, died last Saturday night.  She was ambushed and shot behind the Raleigh, NC mall where she worked.  Kimberly was six months pregnant and the doctors were able to deliver her daughter by cesarean section before she died.  Her boyfriend, Daniel Steele was arrested and charged with her murder.  Her daughter lies in a neonatal intensive care hospital fighting for her life.

This story rises to the level of Shakespeare in tragic proportions, yet it isn't unique or even rare.  Reading the news week after week will reveal a common trend of men attacking their pregnant girlfriends in an effort to prevent their delivering the babies they are carrying.  One can also read stories of men slipping abortifacient drugs surreptitiously to the women with whom they previously whispered tender words and caressed.  This trend is natural in a society which has abandoned all pretense of following Christian precepts.

Pre Christian societies were the world of lousy men.  Women were treated slightly better than the barn animals.  Their utility to men were of domestic servitude and, of course, the obvious charms.  Beyond that, they were disposable.  It was Christ who taught that women possess a high dignity and that it is a grave sin to abuse them.  Elevating the woman's dignity raised the character of men.  That is why His commandments prohibit sexual relations until a permanent marriage is solemnised.  He also ratified an equal dignity to babies and children.  To kill the smallest of our people is a crime which merits special condemnation and punishments.  In the teachings of Christ, a woman meets a man and withholds her physical pleasures until he promises to love her, care for her and her children for the rest of their lives.  From that pledge of fidelity comes children who are loved by both of their parents.  It is the earthly imitation of the Holy Trinity, man - woman - child - family, one unit, one heart.

Our first step away from this ideal was the universal acceptance of civil divorce and re-marriage.  This is in opposition to Christ's command that marriage is permanent, only severed by the death of one spouse.  Once married, always married!  This is the basis of a woman's confidence in allowing a man to come to her.  Once pregnant, always a mother!  The idea of allowing divorce is simply a shell game to con a woman into sex and leaving her flat later.  In truth, if one civilly divorces his spouse and attempts to marry another, he commits adultery.  In the end, there will be hell to pay.

The second step down to the mire was the universal acceptance of contraception.  With contraception we tried to eliminate the possibility of pregnancy, thus we no longer need to even go through the messy marriage and divorce thing which lead us to universal acceptance of sex outside of marriage.  Contraception is another con to lure women to bed without a permanent commitment.  Use of contraception by anyone, for any reason, rebels against Christ and will only result in heartache and condemnation.

The third step down is truly diabolical, abortion.  How in hell can ANYONE argue this as a good?!  It is sickening to listen to politicians, women's advocates and such arguing that abortion is good for women.  Again, this is only about abusing women, sleeping with them without consequence.  The nasty word "Abortion" is hidden in the euphemism "Choice".  Any euphemism is a lie.  There is no choice.  That abortion is available in our society means that a woman, even though she be personally against the idea, will find herself being pushed into the clinic with threats of all her support structures being pulled away otherwise.  The man has conned her again!  Worse, now another person is murdered.  This action, if not repented of, will lead to damnation as well.

Now here we are at the low point where men are attacking and murdering women with whom they have slept.  Lust always leads to murder, so we shouldn't be surprised.

We must climb out of this moral pig sty.  We can do this only by making the true and proper choices and rejecting the false ones.  Each gender must make the choice to follow Christ.  Women, choose to hold yourself to a high standard.  Love Christ first.  Make a man earn your trust, love and fidelity.  Do not associate with men of base character.  They will be easy to spot.  Men, same for you.  Choose to be of a high character.  Seek Christ firstly, then you will meet the right woman.  Do not self encourage sexual temptations through pornography, movies, internet.  Do not masturbate.  These are sins which kill the soul.  Commit yourself to the ideals of honor, charity and faith.  When you ask a woman to marry mean it until your last breath!  The joys of such a marriage cannot be described.

The key to true and lasting happiness is Christ.  In the end, He is all that matters.  The whole of human history is a tapestry woven by men and women, each making their individual way to heaven or hell.  Choose heaven and experience a foretaste of it here.  Save sex for a Christian marriage.

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