Monday, June 29, 2015

Gun Free Zone Debates

Two out of three kinds of men support Gun Free Zones.  Let us hear their arguments.

Mr. Goodheart:

Guns are the problem.  If there were no guns there would be no violence.  We just need to enact common sense laws, laws requiring background checks for every purchase.  Our government is very good at implementing such laws and rarely makes any mistakes.  I am the kind of guy who thinks civil order is a good thing.  People should not have to walk around the city in fear and most people simply wish to go about their way not causing trouble and not experiencing trouble either.  What's wrong with that?  With strict and complete gun control laws in place our streets would be much safer.  I always feel safe in a Gun Free Zone.  Besides, we could always call 911 if something ever does happen.
I vote YES for Gun Free Zones.

Mr. Knight:

I am a peaceful man.  I have never been in trouble with the law.  I do realize that there are other people who are not peaceful in heart.  Just read the papers!  One cannot get through the first page, on any day, without reading of a heinous crime.  My heart always goes out to the victims.  I cannot stand the thought of anyone getting needlessly hurt or killed by a lunatic.  That is why I carry a handgun with me everywhere I can.  If something bad were to happen to me or anyone around me, I want to be prepared.  Gun Free Zones are my bane.  I have three choices when considering entering a Gun Free Zone.  I can decide to not enter.  If something bad goes down inside, I won't be in there.  Those folks in there are sitting ducks.  Secondly, I could ignore the signs and carry my gun into the Gun Free Zone anyway.  Honestly, I have done this numerous times.  While this exposes me to some legal trouble if caught, I never have been.  Funny how easy it is!  The third choice is to enter the Gun Free Zone without my gun,  This, is always my last choice and one that pains me.  I never visit a public school or anyplace with metal detectors.  I know that I am helpless to stop a mass killing without my gun.
I vote NO for Gun Free Zones.

Mr. Fangs:

People make me so mad!  They are all out to ruin my life.  It is amazing how each boss I had at all those jobs were total jerks.  They were always riding my case and blaming me for stuff that was not my fault.  What's up with my girlfriend lately?  Space!?  Why do we need space?  Hell, I'll send her to space!  That will show her that no one puts me away.  She works in that office building with the Gun Free Zone sign.  That's perfect.  No one else will have a gun and I'll show them all how to share my pain! The more the better!  If the security guard gives me trouble - Boom! - I'll let him have it!  I haven't done anything like this yet, so the background check was a cinch.  Ha!
I vote YES for Gun Free Zones. 

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