Sunday, October 11, 2015

Danger! Warning! Poison!

There is a poison in our society which is causing massive destruction to our lives, families, societies, civil order and it targets our spouses and children specifically.

This poison used to be relatively hard to find and was recognized,  for it's danger, sixty years ago.  Anyone caught with it in their possession in those times, and before, were ostracized and shunned.

Today, the availability of this poison has exploded and the vast majority of our people are consuming dangerous amounts, everyday.  In fact, while you read this post, you have it available to you, right now, without even leaving your seat.  Yep, it is in your home and is certainly in your young children's hands right now, in lethal amounts.

The name of this killer is Pornography.  I haven't exaggerated the above statements, in a cheap tabloid technique, simply to grab your attention.  I have told the absolute truth - pornography kills!  It kills the soul.  It erases all sense of decency in men, husbands and fathers.  It creates sexual predators.  Men, and increasingly, women, are becoming instantly addicted to the images which pour into their eyes though the internet, which not only has exponentially multiplied availability, but also weaponized them, by the ease of computer graphics, over the old fashioned need for physical paper or film to be created and transported.

I was confused throughout this year as I heard of several families breaking up.  These were families which had church going fathers and whom I would have bet the farm in confidence of their lasting stability.  Suddenly, one by one, separation, divorce, shack-ups and scandal, boom, boom, boom!  What the hell?  Pornography.

I was confused at the young kids insistence in their "right" to do the grinding dance at school functions.  Don't know about grinding dance?  Look it up, if you want to, but beware, it is obscene (on second thought - Don't).  School officials are rightly canceling these functions in order to prevent this dancing, since a prohibition always fails as the kids invariably revolt and do it anyway - pornography.  Thanks for nothing Miley Cyrus!

I was really confused about the tip over, wherein a small majority of our people supported the same sex marriage ruling.  How does this compute when only about six percent of the population identify as "gay"?  Now I have learned that (how do I say this?) doing it "in the wrong place" has become accepted among a significant number of women, to prevent pregnancies!  Now a much larger percentage of our people are sodomites, even while they identify themselves as straight.  Pornography!

Pornography leads to lust, which leads to infidelity and debauchery, which is empowered by civil acceptance of contraception, extra-marital sex and abortion, which lead to divorces and broken children, which leads to sexual predators and suicides, as well as murder.  Down - down - down - down the hole to hell we go.

I have listened to several recovering pornography addicts as they describe the hell they have been through and the severe damage it has done to them and their families.  It is heart breaking.

BEWARE!  Do not let your kids have the internet, in any form, unsupervised.  Those sex monsters are reaching for them like bad movie body snatching aliens.

Do not tolerate indecent images at anytime.  That includes any R rated movie, put out by Hollywood, with any nudity or sexual scenes.  Wear modest clothing.  Fight back against this killer.  Pray, really, pray!  Pray the rosary everyday with your family; make it a rule.  Wives, do not let your husbands talk you into sexual acts which are intrinsically evil.  If he is weirdly persistent, ask him where he is getting that stuff.  You have to root this rot out as soon as you suspect it.  Learn sexual ethics, the legitimate, fruitful sex that God intended.  Husband and wife only, never divorced, no contraception, no kissing below the belt and genital to genital sex is enough; any more crosses the line.  Husbands, respect your wife's womanly dignity.  She is your help mate and joy, not your sex slave.  And, as always, self control and restraint brings much more true and permanent happiness than reckless abandon.

Oh Mary! Conceived without sin; pray for us who have recourse to thee!
Oh Mary! Conceived without sin; pray for us who have recourse to thee!
Oh Mary! Conceived without sin; pray for us who have recourse to thee!

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