Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Everything Wrong With Gun Control In One Tragic Story

An eighteen year old woman was gang raped in Brooklyn, NY this week.  She and her father were together in a public park, when five young thugs accosted them and told the father to leave.  To add urgency and the motivation to leave his daughter with monsters, they threatened him with a handgun.  Where to start in this tragic story in listing all the wrongs?

New York gun control laws:  New York is one of the most restricted cities in the U.S.  In short, it is nearly impossible for a citizen to have a gun, with the approval of the authorities.  There have been several studies which indicate that the stricter the gun restrictions on citizens, the higher the crime rates.  In his book More Guns Less Crime, John R. Lott, Jr. was able to prove the opposite, than more guns in the hand of the people results in less crime.  New York politicians, famously, think otherwise; more laws against guns and there will be less crimes, as thugs will be unable to acquire them.  This case proves them wrong.

The Thugs:  Eighteen something kids who think gang raping girls in public parks is somehow the thing to do, don't give a damn about gun control laws!  Gun control laws do exactly two things: firstly, they give confidence to criminals, as they are sure that this father was unarmed, and secondly, it makes them right - he was unarmed.  That five of these guys have the social development of monsters, indicates something gravely wrong in that community, and it isn't guns, it's cultural and it proves that the other people need arms, more than ever.

The father:  When faced with five stronger, younger thugs, he felt no alternative but to leave them his daughter.  What the hell!?  What has happened to our manhood!?  This is the insidious effect of the "call 911" mentality.  That is exactly what he did.  He ran down the street yelling for help.  By the time he found it, each thug had completed his horrific crime on his daughter.  What kind of society are we fostering when a father abandons his daughter to monsters?

The police:  Well... they did what they always do, gathered up the victims and arrested the criminals, after the fact.  That is a pitifully small consolation for the girl, who now must live with this trauma for the rest of her life.

Other citizens:  It was reported that several people tried to ignore the frantic pleas of the father.  This is another indication of our malformed  society.  In times past, if one yelled for help, it came from all directions; today, "good luck and leave me alone."  This is another unintended consequence of the "call 911" philosophy; "it's not my problem and we pay someone for that, besides, I don't have a gun either, so what am I supposed to do?"  Gun control laws neuter the manhood of the entire community.

Here in Virginia, those thugs would not have liked my response to their threats, as they would not have liked what I would be pulling out of my waistband.

Handy Thug Repellent

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