Sunday, March 19, 2017

The Constant Catholic Church

"It seems to me that the manifestation of Today's church is much closer to upholding those ideals than at any other time in history. After all they are teaching inclusion, love, understanding, compassion, you see where this is going.

Besides, is not the Pope gods chosen spokesperson on Earth? Who are you to question gods will, he works in mysterious ways after all."

That is part of a social media debate I had with a self declared atheist (Previous post: A Passionate Discussion).  Though he doesn't recognize the authority of the Catholic Church, he does perceive the liberalizing attitude of Cardinal Bergoglio (aka: Pope Francis).  What he doesn't understand is the mission of the Church and the legitimate duties of the pope and all churchmen.

The Church has a two part mission with one purpose.  The two parts are: to teach the entire world of Christ, about Christ and the commandments of Christ, and secondly, to administer the sacraments ordained by Christ, which repair our souls, absolve our souls of sins and open the door of heaven.  Those two parts are the foundation of Church's singular purpose, which is to orient us towards God and shepherd us through the glorious portal.

The teachings and commandments of Christ are rock solid constant and will never change.  The way to heaven is narrow, and few find it because it requires the surrender of the self for Christ; a putting away of pride and self-love, a most difficult thing without a coach.  Due to this constancy, the Church cannot be "moved" to the left or right; teachings cannot be amended or changed to fit the times.  Changing social norms do not broaden the pathway to heaven.  What was a sin 2000 years ago is a sin today and will always be and the consequences remain exactly the same.

Cardinal Bergoglio, with his liberalizing attitude, in "teaching inclusion, love, understanding, compassion", which are euphemisms for ratifying the sins of the flesh, is simply leading souls astray, away from the rock solid Church and away from eternal life.  My atheist friend got one thing right, "God works in mysterious ways."

Do not fall for this trap.  Remain constant in your love of Christ and keep the old and still valid moral standards.  If the world persecutes you for standing with Christ, be glad, for you will be blessed and will have a valid hope of hearing the greatest words one can hear, "Well done, good and faithful servant."

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