Thursday, May 31, 2012


Try and wrap your mind around the following numbers.  The Federal government has spent EVERY dollar that every taxpayer, corporation and taxable entity has EVER paid either in income taxes, social security or medicare.  Gone...spent.  Beyond that, they have spent money that they borrowed to the tune of $15.7 Trillion.  Gone...spent.  Beyond that, they printed money to spend to the tune of tens of trillions since the early 1960s.  Gone...spent.   Beyond that, they have promised to pay monies in unfunded programs to the tune of $119 Trillion!  The unfunded liability alone adds up to just over $1 Million per taxpayer!  If you want to watch this train wreck as it happens watch the US Debt Clock as it ticks towards our doom.

Now the fraud who sits in the White House is telling us that they just need to raise taxes a little in order to get the budget under control.  Whaaaa!  That is like trying to heal a drug addict with just a little more crack!

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