Monday, May 7, 2012

They Can Have The World...I Don't Want It

One of the most sinister things about our modern times wherein we have instant communication, fast worldwide travel, huge economies, powerful armed forces and other such things, are these world domination elite people.  I am tired of reading of and watching their machinations and liberty subverting moves which seem to have escalated markedly over the past three years.  Well...OK. Go to it guys.  Bring it on.  Have fun. Feel powerful. Enjoy your spoils.  Live a fat life.  But let me warn you of one little detail.  Jesus is Lord.  He will note with infinite detail the effects of your actions and plots on His people.  He will see if you care for their souls as well as their temporal lives.  He will note if you make their lives better or worse.  He will exact a cruel payback, from you, if He sees even one of His dear, smallest, peasant children suffer death of hunger or disease while you have the temporal power over them.  You are treading into realms which carry the most grave of responsibility.  Good luck with that.

As for the rest of us.  I would urge us all to embrace Christ and His cross.  He is the way to the true paradise.  Come what may over the next decade He will carry us through.  Follow Him.  Renounce Satan. Renounce sin and this certainly includes the sex ones (contraception, abortion, fornicating, divorce, all the other unmentionables).  Our suffering will be turned into joy if we follow Christ.  But like those poor elite idiots mentioned above, we must follow Christ on His terms, not ours.  So, be honest with yourself and Him.

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