Monday, November 26, 2012

A Reverse Illustration

This article illustrates clearly why women and gays should not EVER be allowed to serve in the military.  I pray for the souls of our young people.

Laura Cannon is a graduate of West Point. She is supposed to be among the brightest and most disciplined of the leaders of our military. Add to that, before going into combat, she had a faith, a faith in Jesus. The army sure cured her of that "naive" moral structure. "I was a part of the Iraq invasion in 2003. At the time, I was a naive, 24-year-old lieutenant and still a virgin (because of my former Jesus obsession and aversion to cadet marching). I assumed General Order No. 1 would have no impact on my life. I was wrong." So now, as an "experienced" veteran how does she propose to solve the sex problem of our gender integrated military? Unrestricted fornication! That should clean things up nicely.

She had another remarkable statement in her opinion piece. "Let me tell you, covert combat sex (or in my case, hard-core making out, because I was too scared to go “All-In”) ranks high on the list of life’s thrills." She states that she was too scared to go "All-In". Scared of what? Pregnancy? STDs? The complete loss of her self in surrendering something special to such a casual moment? Any one or all of the above are valid reasons on why we protect women from men on the prowl. And these reasons pale in the face of the main reason fornication is such a tragic activity, it severely separates both parties from God. We see this damage in Laura Cannon. Now she thinks it a good idea to remove what little legal protection young female army soldiers of the future would have to protect them from their fears. This is incoherent thinking from the word "go".

What is the ratio of men to women in our armed forces? 25:1?  So if General Order No.1 is abolished so as to help young female soldiers like Laura Cannon with their "needs" then some lucky guy gets his needs fixed due to the female prerogative of invitation while the other 24 just have to tough it out since she also states that she would "keep the rules that protect soldiers from sexual harassment".  Or will she turn "professional" so as to spread the wealth and kindness?  Stopping short of "All In" will be out of the question then.  Imagine the internal conflicts we would generate.  Maybe the next step is to balance the ratio which requires our armed forces to be half female.  Starting with a flawed premise and going forward will always create havoc.

Wars deny the enemy all the elements of social order and peace.  The intention is to deny the enemy everything required to cope with life including food, shelter, safety, comfort, life and yes, Lieutenant Cannon, sex as well.  Our enemies will do this to us and we must field forces able to cope, function and be effective in the face of that reality.  Sex is rightly part of a peaceful society, not a battlefield. 

Abuse of sex is like every other sin of the flesh such as abuse of; alcohol, drugs, financial credit and eating, to name just a few. There is never enough. Discipline, self control and avoidance of the occasions of temptation foster strong characters and sound spirits.  Surrendering to these illicit activities continue to pull in a soul until there is only despair.

Laura Cannon may be successful in getting the Commander of the Army to rescind General Order No. 1, but she will not be able to get the Lord of the Universe to rescind Commandment No. 6.  That is because our good Lord knows what is best for all of us, men and women.

There are three certain outcomes of having women in the armed forces: men with damaged spirits, women with damaged spirits, and destruction of unit cohesion.

To see how this will play in the near future of our country read this article. Warning! Only for mature readers over 21 years old and with a strong stomach.

Finally, here is a video illustration of a fighting group getting their act together:

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