Thursday, November 29, 2012

Snake Oil

Many people who know me have heard me state that I will never, ever, apply for or accept money from our Social Security Administration or from Medi-care; not one dime, not ever! Before you label me as extraordinarily civic minded or a nut case read this article...I'll wait.
We have been sold Snake Oil.  We have been scammed.  We are about to feel real pain of the monitary kind.  You can see now that I haven't given up anything.  There is nothing to give up.  Rather, now the deal is to pay through the nose just to survive the coming times.
If you are planning on helping yourself to the Social Security fund, the Medi-care fund, or maybe your 401k, government retirement fund or even your savings account, I wish you luck!  It will make these Wal-Mart shoppers look demure.

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