Sunday, January 20, 2013

Our True And Loving God

A week ago on January 12, 2013 I posted a piece titled Dear United States Government.  Those of you who read that piece between then and today will remember a very different ending than the one there now.  I was angry when I originally wrote and concluded in that emotion.  Today the sermon given by our most respected Catholic priest explained why cursing our persecutors is inappropriate.  We are enjoined to pray for our tormentors.  We are instructed to embrace our crosses.  We must, at the very least, from gratitude, imitate Christ.

I changed the ending of that article with a heart full of peace and resolve.  I am quieter and more ready to meet Christ than I was a week ago.  I remain profoundly disgusted with our leaders, but I kneel to Christ and offer our sufferings to Him.  I am ready for whatever may come.

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