Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Dreadful Times

These are dreadful times!  The unthinkable has become the apparent high moral ground to the uninformed.  “Granting legal status to homosexuals is fair, compassionate and charitable.”  Lies! Lies! Lies! This prevailing attitude in reality, tells those poor misguided people that they can all just go to hell and we don’t give a damn! I apologize for the strong emotions, but this is just as critical as if I were trying to tell you that your house was on fire.  There is a madness that has captured the minds and hearts of the majority of our citizens of this country and the extended Christian world.  To be heard above the crowd requires shouting.

As I outlined in past letters to you concerning the hierarchy of authority, the government and the courts have no standing in redefining marriage.  The Supreme Court of the United States can declare from their lofty bench, from now until doomsday, the legitimacy of same-sex unions, but that will not change the truth of it one iota.  It will still simply be a one way road to hell.  The tragedy will be that with their “official” ratification of the concept, many people will be lured down that path of destruction.

Charity requires love.  We must truly love the other, which is, to desire that which is truly good for the other regardless of the cost to ourselves.  To be charitable to gay friends and acquaintances, we would tell them the truth.  Homosexual activities will get you hell.  That is it! Finished! Forever!  Hell is the complete separation from God.  You would not wish it on your worst enemy.  We tell drunkard friends that they must stop drinking.  We tell stoned friends that they must stop drugs.  We tell friends who steal that they must stop stealing.  We tell gays that we don’t care if they do destroy themselves.  Do you recall the word that means the opposite of love?  Indifference…that is worse than hate.  Hate means that in some way, you care.  Indifference means that we couldn’t care less; go ahead, die, whatever…

Now let me show you the true cost of these sins.  Imagine that you work at a company.  Your job is the same as it is for one hundred other employees in your department.  At first everything is going well because everyone is doing their share of the work.  The boss said that once a defined quantity of product is complete, everyone can go home with full pay.  Now imagine that one fellow employee starts slacking.  He knows that everyone else will “git-er-done”.  Now others notice how he works less and still receives the same pay and time off, so they start slowing down.  How long will it take for the few who still do their best to finish the cumulative effort?  The load will increase every day until just one worker still puts out the best and now, futile effort.  The boss will reward the good worker, not because he failed in the shared assignment, but because he loved; he did not want to let the boss down.  The others, who sinned, will be punished, severely.

When a gay couple commit the sin of sodomy, their sin is added to the cumulative total of sins demanding restitution.  God forgives the repentant sinner.  He does not forgive the obstinate one.  However, even with forgiven sins, restitution must be made.  Each and every sin demands payment from someone.  This is the “work” we are given to do.  This is why we are taught penance by the Holy Church.  If we love Christ and wish to do His work, we pray, love our neighbor (do not encourage them to sin, among other things), and do penance.  Yes, we are doing penance for our own sins and the sins of others.  We imitate Christ.  This is the whole lesson of Calvary!  This is what it means to love.  This is the pathway to heaven.  This is why we must not be indifferent to the sins of others; they add to the work to be done, they add to the dead!  Can we suffer enough to complete the work?  Of course not, but working like we can is to love Christ.

That our nation is ready to “legally ratify” gay marriage is a tragedy of the greatest proportion.  “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do!”

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