Saturday, March 16, 2013

Pope Francis, A First Look

If you wish to have the warm and fuzzies about Francis I and the future of our Church do not read Ann Barnhardt's assessment (03/14/2013) of his past record and her description of the times.

If you wish to start spiritually arming up; start buckling on armor; sharpening your swords and readying yourself for a battle of the ages against evil, then you better read her essays.

For reasons God only knows, this is the time of evil.  The demonic has the momentum, the governments, the institutions, the minds and hearts of the masses, and yes, they are seeped in the Holy Church.  God made one promise, "The gates of hell will NOT prevail!"  They will, however, strike painful and damaging blows.  This is the time for martyrs, for heroic sacrifice  for absolute and undying loyalty to the Church of Christ even when she turns upon us in her delirium...her agony.

Do not be scandalized!  Do not run, as poor Peter did when all seemed lost.  Do not abandon Christ as He places Himself before us in the Holy Tabernacles of our churches.  Christ will prevail!  This is the test.  Stick with Him no matter what the cost; time, money, career, home, family,! 

Viva Christo Rey!

God Bless the Holy Roman and Catholic Church!

Viva il Papa.

O' Mary, conceived without sin, pray for us who have recourse to thee!

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