Saturday, February 1, 2014

How Not To Crash And Burn

What would we think of a fellow who would attempt to fly a helicopter prior to receiving any training?  What would be the odds of failure?  Say about 100%?  Check out this video of just such a man.

This poor misguided fellow failed to discern the true authority of the Federal Aviation Agency.  He failed to heed their regulations which prohibit operating a helicopter without specific training and certification.  The FAA regulations are not there to make his life boring and without fun; they are there to protect him from harm.  His disregard for authority brought him to ruin.

The real point of this post is our own disregard for true authority in managing our lives.  Look around and we see heartbreak, failed marriages, suicides, homeless children, drug and alcohol abuse, sex abuses and deprivations and on and on and on.  We consider ourselves free of restraint, needing no shepherding and we are crashing.  Like our poor man mismanaging the helicopter controls, we are mismanaging our wills and actions.  That helicopter was a perfectly airworthy machine, it was capable of graceful flight, but the operator was unable to guide it properly.  Our bodies are capable of living graceful, productive, beautiful lives, but if we are untrained on the truths of life, we too, will fail.

But where do we get such life training?  The Holy Roman and Catholic Church.  This is the one church which was founded by Christ, while he was with the Apostles, and continues to be a living extension of Him today.  Understand that the authority of the Catholic Church comes to us from above, we cannot disregard it without consequence.  Matt 16:16-20; John 21:15-20 Matt 28: 16-20

However, subjecting oneself to the authority of the Catholic Church is to subject oneself to Christ.  This will not make life hard and boring, it makes life graceful, beautiful and full of rewards.  My our good God bless us all, who love Him.

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