Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Diabolical Confusion

These times are marked with Diabolical Confusion.  This linked article tells of a young Catholic priest, ordained last year, who is already in trouble for being true to his vocation.  He is under great pressure from the media for...wait for it...wait...waaaaittt...discriminating against a lesbian couple by denying them Communion.  This story is recent and we do not see what his superior's position will be.  Either they will support him completely for upholding church teaching for the good of the lesbian couple, or they will throw him under the bus for the good of their own popular image.

Charity demands that Father Kneib do what is best for the lesbian couple.  He can either go along to get along or he can rock the boat.  By going along, his world would be nicer and peaceful, but he would be acting as a traffic manager, guiding his flock and those women straight to hell. He himself would be held to count for the lost souls and he too would be joining them.  Otherwise, he could and did, rock the boat and act as a traffic manager should, that is, he barred the road to hell and pointed towards the safe direction.  If those women ignore his loving courage, which it appears at first look that they have, then Father Kneib at least has done his duty and should he persevere in this way for the rest of his life, he will hear the most soothing words anyone will ever hear, "Well done good and faithful servant...".  It does not matter how much he is chastised by the popular media and possibly his superiors, he is being true to Christ.  In fact, the more they harm him, the more Christ will uplift him.

The article tells of Father Marcel Guarnizo of Maryland.  In 2012 he denied Communion to a lesbian couple under very similar circumstances. His Archdiocese threw him under the bus by removing him from parish duties and apologizing to the poor lost sexual deviants.  That is the mark of diabolical confusion.  That is precisely why God gave us the Holy Roman Catholic Church.  Mankind has flaws, among which are self-conceit.  Each generation believes itself to be smarter and superior to the preceding generations.  With the promise of God that the gates of hell will not prevail over the Holy Roman Catholic Church, ever, we have the road map through the times and the future by learning from the past, the Catholic Tradition.  We know through that tradition that homo-sexuality is wrong, was wrong and will ever be wrong, no matter what our confused church leaders of today tell us.  With that tradition we will not be lead by the blind into the pit; for the blind cannot lead one who sees.

I am praying for Fathers Kneib and Guarnizo for their courage and integrity.  I thank God for such men.  I am praying for the leaders of the Maryland Archdiocese and the leaders of Father Kneib's diocese.  May they find courage to serve their Lord well.  I am praying for those confused lesbian women involved in both cases and all souls involved in homo-sexual activities; indeed, for all souls who are outside of the sexual bounds set by the church.  If they do not cease and repent of their grave sins, they are forever lost.  With Christ's unlimited, unfathomable mercy they have a chance as long as they live, but given their obstinacy, which would never waver were it not for good men like Fathers Kneib and Guarnizo, it is a long shot.  They must change their own minds before Christ will change their hearts.

Finally, I pray for whomever the pastor of the Saint Columban Catholic Church of Chillicothe, MO. was before Father Kneib arrived.  For nearly twenty years those women were members of that church and had no problems before?!  Where in the hell were their shepherds?!

May God bless us all, who love Him.

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