Friday, August 1, 2014

Same Story With Different Endings

This video is an advertisement advocating for more gun control.  It is an enactment of a violent domestic dispute.  The mother of the child is at home and is on the phone with the police dispatcher.  Her "domestic partner", a strong and angry man is outside pounding on the door.  Watch this if you like, but be warned, it is ugly.   

Many people who have commented on this video came to the opposite conclusion than the writers intended.  They noticed several things about this attack. Firstly, calling 911 was an exercise in futility and did nothing to prevent a tragedy.  Secondly, while the aggressive man did pull out a gun with the intention to murder, he didn't really need it.  Picture that attack again and assume that the civil laws actually did prevent him from procuring a handgun, no matter how hard he tried to get one. That's a long stretch, I know, but let us pretend.  The door crashes in, he moves forward towards the woman and puts his hands on her neck; the result is the same, gun or no gun.  Finally, who here needed a gun - badly?  The woman, the weak innocent victim who is rapidly running out of options.  Too bad those laws which were so effective in keeping a gun out of the aggressor's hands also kept a gun out of the victim's hands.

Here is a video which has a happy ending:

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