Monday, July 20, 2015

Dealing With The Devil

I have stated a couple of times within this blog that I will never collect any money from the federal government, for any reason, primarily for the fact that this failed government has no money to give me.  A secondary reason lies in avoiding a deal with the devil.  The government is funny.  They take our money by force and offer a little of it back to us with conditions.

How many people would you think, supported the idea of an instant background check system, with it's multi-million dollar price tag, for the purpose of keeping guns out of the hands of "criminals", thought for a second that they would end up on the prohibition list themselves.  We could estimate around 4.2 million Social Security recipients as part of that group now.  That is in addition to the several million military veterans who have been placed on the list by the Veteran's Administration.  These people were placed on the list, not for comitting crimes, but for their own safety...and ours, it's mostly about our safety.  They might do something stupid.

This current administration has been expanding that prohibited persons list at a fantastic rate.  And this is the main point I wish to make.  If we as the People, who formed this government, allow it to maintain such a list, then we ourselves eviscerate the 2nd Amendment and the right it cites.  That list, by definition, infringes on the right to keep and bear arms.  If we tell the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives to maintain and manage such a list then we specifically tell them that the right to keep and bear arms SHALL be infringed.

I am one of very few people who has said that the laws which prevent convicted felons from legally obtaining firearms are unfair and unconstitutional.  My first concern is for the felon.  If he has committed a crime, has been duly convicted and is now freely moving about on our streets, then our wise government must have determined that he is no longer a threat to us and has paid his dues.  If he cannot be trusted with firearm ownership, for self-protection, then why would they let him out?  I know, I know...they let dangerous criminals out all the time.  Well, that is even more of a reason for everyone to be armed.  Which brings me to the second part of why prohibiting felons is stupid.  To do so would require a LIST.  Now the non-felon must prove he is eligible, while the actual prohibited felon is out there grabbing guns anywhere and we are slogging through paperwork and bureaucracies.  And that is where we are, with people who are not felons being added to the list.  That is what it is like when you strike a deal with the devil, the outcome comes out short on your side while he keeps his end of the bargain.

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