Saturday, August 29, 2015

Planned Parenthood Outrage - Just Now!?

I cannot get enthusiastic about the recent furor over Planned Parenthood's apparent attempts to profit from the "waste material" produced by their diabolical activities and the resulting cry to "de-fund" them.  Are we, as a nation, so morally dead that we are more concerned about what is done with the corpses of the victims than the fact that they were murdered in the first place!?

As for de-funding Planned Parenthood, we could do that ourselves simply by dropping our employer subsidized health insurance.  Know this with absolute clarity - when you keep your health insurance, you are paying for murder.  It is that simple.  You may recall, during one of those 72 hour attention span news cycles, the "shock" our politicians expressed upon learning of Obama-care policies paying, directly, for abortions.  Well, that news cycle faded and nothing changed.  Planned Parenthood will simply wait for this attention to lapse and continue their evil depraved business with our continued complicity.

We cannot ever return to greatness as a country unless we collectively force this evil to stop!  We must stop compromising our values, all the way down the line.  Contraception is evil. Co-habitation is evil. Sex outside of Church sanctioned marriage is evil. Divorce and re-marrying is evil.  Same sex unions are evil. Abortion, murder, is the logical progression to those evils and is the lowest we can go, for it is the murder of the most innocent.  Our good God will have His justice and He will ask each of us, individually, if we helped it along.  Drop those health plans now and stop accepting those other sins against nature.  Tell your children about these evils.  I continually hear about these twenty-something kids moving in together and treating these sins as the new normal.

Our Lord prayed for us, "Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do."  The sad thing is, we know what we are doing and are indifferent to the crime.

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