Monday, November 23, 2015

Moral Certitude

Reading the news reveals a lot of anger and confusion over a whole range of issues.  Is racism a problem on college campuses? Should there be safe spaces for racial minorities?  Should students have a share of the administration powers of the school?  For that matter, what are the proper rules of agreement for sexual activities on college campuses or anywhere else?  Does "yes" mean yes or does it mean no?  Is all consent null and void if there is alcohol involved?  Should our country allow Syrian refugees to enter?  Will there be violence if we do?  Should we build a wall on our borders?  Should a cake baker be censored for refusing to bake a cake, for homosexuals to celebrate a wedding?  On and on the questions rage and the shouting escalates.

This near universal confusion and divergence of opinion is the result of the last one hundred years of "the errors of Russia" spreading throughout the world.  Diana West wrote an illuminating book, detailing this assault on western values, called American Betrayal.  The communist method was to spread as many lies throughout the world as possible.  If people could be made to question anything and everything, to disbelieve everything before held to be certain or authoritative, then the ground would be fertile for the spread of communism.  Of course, the founding tenet of communism is the denial of Christ and His Catholic Church and the best way to undermine that church was to convince the people that She holds no real authority and that there is no real consequence to sin.  If there is no consequence to sin, then there is really no sin at all; thus the arena of sexual morality is thrown wide open, bringing a whole batch of new questions. Additionally, a plethora of questions rear up concerning politics and order in the civil arena.  Among all of this confusion, the structures and institutions which hold our society together begin to fail, starting with the families.  While Ms. West does an extraordinary job of detailing the scheming and itemizing the damage done in this nefarious and comprehensive action, through the last several decades of our country's history, there was another lady who foretold these days, indeed, it was she who predicted the "errors of Russia."

In Fatima, Portugal in the year 1917, while WWI was raging in France, the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared to three children, not once, but once each month from May through October.  She forewarned us all, through these innocent  children, of these times.  She reminded us of the brutal reality of hell and the severe consequences of sin.  She affirmed, in crystal clear messages, that God is real, her son Christ Jesus is real and that His message of salvation should be the paramount motivation throughout our entire lives, or there will be hell to pay.  She ratified her message with a miracle witnessed by thousands.  Did you know of this?  While the world was telling you that extra-marital sex is OK, did you hear our Lady's strict caution against these sins?  The world makes so much noise and today, that noise is reaching a crescendo.  I have not linked a reference to Fatima, for you should look for it yourself.  It won't be hard to find and I really recommend that you study Her message to us.

We must stop questioning everything and considering ourselves to be the ultimate personal authority of what is right and wrong.  There is objective Truth and we will be held to account to it.  Hint: Your human nature and its self interest will steer you wrong almost every time. You must look for the true authority, to which you are accountable.  Look for Christ.  With Him comes moral certitude.  With Him comes the peace which calms the civil storms and gives us courage to face our tormentors.  With Him comes joy at the prospect of death.  With Him we are complete.

This video shows the courageous certitude shown by a convent of Carmelite nuns, who were not afraid to die for their Lord, in a world gone crazy, revolutionary France. 

Oh! Most sacred heart of Jesus, have mercy on us!

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