Friday, December 11, 2015

A Public Service Announcement

Run! Hide! Fight!  This the title of this YouTube video which shows strategies to employ if you are suddenly, and shockingly confronted with an active shooter.  I completely agree with these points, if you find yourself trapped without a gun of your own.  As you watch this video, have your finger poised to hit the pause button at exactly 0:59.  There! Do you see it?  The murdering creep walks past that Gun Free Zone sign, with the attendant regulatory citation, like it isn't even there.  At that is the crux of it all.  Why do we pay any attention to those signs if the madman, the reason for this terrible Gun Free Zone idea in the first place, ignores them?

A much better idea is to Fight! Fight! Fight!.  To do that, we too need to ignore those stupid Gun Free Zone signs.

A second idea has surfaced, in light of the San Bernardino shooting.

See how ridiculous Gun Free Zones are?  We must stop tolerating this restriction on our right of self protection.  Ignore the signs and demand their removal.

May our good Lord help us all.

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