Friday, December 11, 2015

Dealing With the Devil II

On July 20th, this year, I wrote a post called Dealing With the Devil.  In that post I complained about the National Instant Background Check system, which Obama considers his personal enemies list.  When it was originally proposed and pushed through congress by the National Rifle Association, oh! You didn't know?!  Yep, this huge infringement upon the national right to keep and bear arms is the brainchild and evil bastard child of the National Rifle Association.  They pushed this through amid the howling protests of their members, which has resulted in many members switching allegiance to Gun Owners of America and the National Association for Gun Rights. Anyway, when it was shoved down our collective throats, we were promised that the only people who would be prohibited would be those with actual felony convictions. (short time later...) and domestic violence misdemeanors, (a little later) and veterans who have been given psychological counseling, and (several years later) Social Security recipients who have help with their financial affairs, AND....

(a few weeks later) BSBHO is about to add, we expect, by executive order, without congressional approval, the Federal Airlines No-fly list.  The no-fly list is the most whimsical, unconstitutional list of all.  If any member of the government even thinks a specific person is a hazard, real or not, he gets placed on the list.  This list is very easy to get on and is impossible to get off, for no one in government would accept that liability and there has never been a workable process of removal designed.  The late senator from Massachusetts, Ted Kennedy, found himself on the list and the power of his office struggled to get him off.  This is one of the rankest violations of the American system of due process ever devised and Obama will integrate it with the National Background Check, which in one fell swoop invalidates the 2nd, 4th and 5th amendments to the Constitution.

The governor of Connecticut isn't waiting for BSBHO.  Dannel Malloy, a Republican, is already using the Connecticut Background Check system to prohibit persons on the no-fly lists from buying guns.

Speaking of eviscerating the 2nd Amendment, the Supreme Court stepped in it again.  Back in 2008 they ruled in Washington DC vs. Heller that the right to keep and bear arms was an individual right which nullified the prohibition of gun ownership foisted on the people of Washington DC.  In 2010, in the case of McDonald vs. City of Chicago, they nullified a similar prohibition of gun ownership in Chicago.  These two cases moved the bar in the right direction...somewhat.

This week, the Court declined to review the case of Friedman vs. City of Highland Park.  Highland Park, IL is a political district situated immediately north of downtown Chicago,  They enacted a city ordnance which bans the ownership and possession, within their boundaries, of semi-automatic, magazine fed rifles, rifles which are very popular in Texas and other states.  By declining to review the case, the Court in fact ratified the ban.  They basically nullified Heller and McDonald, two of their own decisions.  If Highland Park can ban certain specified guns then any gun may be specified, by any governing authority.  Bye bye 2nd Amendment!

In reality, gun ownership in America isn't going anywhere soon.  The vast majority of our people have guns, shoot guns and carry them for personal protection.  There isn't near enough political currency to actually nullify the 2nd Amendment because too many of us carry it around in our hearts.  However, if bozos like the city council of Highland Park keep pushing, they will soon experience some real push-back.  In the meantime, move away from Illinois, New York, Connecticut and New Jersey.  Let those pathetic monuments to liberal fuzzy ideals fade away under their own dead over taxed weight.

As for all of the lists being weaponized into one mega list, we should all be concerned and demand this be stopped now!  Government lists are the very opposite  of freedom as history has told us before.  Any restrictive power we allow the government always grows against us, for that is the nature of the beast; for this was why the United States Constitution was written in the way it was, that all powers not specifically enumerated are withheld from the federal level.  Now is the time to get your guns, for times like these are the very reason for the 2nd Amendment.

One more point,  the 2nd Amendment does not confer upon our people the right to keep and bear arms, it ratifies it.  In other words, that right pre-exists the Constitution and the federal government. The statement, "A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state; the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed." was placed in the Constitution to remind the government of that essential fact.  It also emboldens our people, because we can read too!

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