Friday, July 12, 2013

Diabolic Disorientation in the Church

Diabolic Disorientation in the Church

The above link opens a lengthy article published in 2006 by the New Oxford Review.  It describes why the Church, who is supposed to be standing firmly against evil and standing for truth, seems to be wallowing in filth; sex scandals, contributing moneys to abortion advocates, teaching grave errors, pandering to slimy politicians, just to name a few of the more notorious and recent examples.

It is an article well worth reading.  These are strange and dangerous times.  While it appears the we have been left as orphans by Holy Mother Church, do not fear.  She is sick now, filled with human and spiritual contagions, but we must stand by her out of love for Christ and in the simple faith of His promise never to leave us.  To be scandalized is to fall into the traps set by demons.

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