Saturday, July 13, 2013

Orcs In Our World

One of my favorite movie series is the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.  It shows robust courage and suffering in the good beings as they combat the evil.  In the Return of the King episode the best moment is when the Riders of Rohan top the hill and get their first look at the huge size of the orc army.  At a glance they see that they cannot prevail; that they will sacrifice themselves for the cause of good.  Their hesitation is but a moment.  They unsheathe their swords and present their spears; they charge at full gallop directly into the foe.  Beautiful.

Rider of Rohan

I envy those riders in one way.  Their enemies were orcs, ugly savage orcs.  They could spot them from a mile away and everyone knew it was perfectly sensible to kill them on sight, like roaches.  How easy is that?  Unfortunately, in our world, our enemies all look like us.  They act like us as they rip out our spirits and do their utmost to destroy us.  All the while they put on the mask of perfectly sensible, harmonious members of our social order.  Disgusting.


Ladies, beware of your enemy.  He looks like a nice guy.  He tells you nice things and makes wonderful promises.  Always test him.  Give him nothing of yourself until he earns your respect and love.  Think about it; is he asking for pleasurable, physical favors without investing himself through time, commitments, promises kept and, especially, conformity with decorum as taught by our good Lord Christ?  In short, if he is pressuring you inappropriately, he is an orc.


Otherwise, if he treats you like a lady, maintains control of himself and his behavior, asks nothing inappropriate and commits himself while keeping promises, then he may be the “one”; but test him!

Perfect Angel

Catholic ladies, only consider a catholic man, no others.  If he agrees sincerely to convert then agree to marry him once that is complete.  This is a fine test, for it shows him the way to heaven as well as proving his love for you.  If he refuses to consider such a conversion, then part ways.  It is a good and firm commandment of the church that we marry only within the church.  This really matters once the children begin to grow.  Always remember that once married always married.  You have one chance to get this right and those orcs look like nice guys.  Courage and fidelity to Christ will protect you always!

Finally, here is a video which shows the orcs talking about you.

Viewer Descretion Advised

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